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Roller Door Accessories Adelaide

Tri Tran 4 Button Handset (B&D)
Tri Tran 2 Button Handset Water Resistant (B&D)
Tri Tran Wireless Entry Keypad (B&D)
Trio Code 4 Button Handset (ATA)
Trio Code 2 Button Handset Water Resistant (ATA)
Securacode Handset (Blue) (ATA)(Sub Heading)
Controll A Door Diamond PD (B&D)
GDO6 Easy Roller Opener (ATA)


Battery Backup

  • Continually charges while mains power is connected.
  • Automatically switches to back up power even during mid cycle.
  • Has self protection system to prevent damaging total discharge.
  • Provides up to 14 up/down cycles when fully charged.

Combo Access Device

Combo access device can be used as a key switch for all types of automatic garage door openers and can also be used as an emergency access device for rolling garage door openers. (You may need an external access pulley kit – ask us for more details). Suitable where the garage door is the only access to the garage.


Rolling doors – Aluminium holder is fastened to the roll of the curtain, just above the height of the lintel. Flame retardant rubber compound slides into the holder and rests above the lintel to provide a barrier. Seal is compressed when the door curtain rolls around the drum. This ensures that door operation is unaffected and that the seal is not visible whilst the door is open.

Sectional doors – Comprising of aluminium seal holders that are fixed behind the jambs and lintel. Bristle brush seals fit into these holders to prevent the entry of embers.

Seals are suitable for use in high fire risk zones, dry, arid climates, coastal areas and dusty regions where high winds are present.

Park Alert

The latest range-finding technology featuring an ultrasonic sensor, is now accessible to all. Take the guess work out of parking a vehicle safely in the garage – no more hanging tennis balls from the ceiling or strategically placed pieces of wood. With a choice of three different stop zones – 30, 60 and 90cm, making it an easy, practical approach to parking your car safely. Available through B&D dealers, Mitre 10 and Bunnings outlets nationally.

Photo Electric Beams

For added safety and security the door will automatically stop and reverse if the beam is broken. B&D recommend the use of infra-red beams.

Entry Keypad

The entry keypad allows entry to the garage without using a transmitter. Simply enter your pre-programmed PIN, press # and the door will open. Great for giving the kids a code, instead of a transmitter or house keys, or program a simple code like 0000 for temporary access by tradespeople, reprogram your own code when they are finished.

Tri Tran Four Button Transmitter

B&D 4 button transmitters are small enough, and light enough to attach to your keyring. Four buttons means you have one button for your door opener, and can use

the spare buttons for additional garage door or gate openers or to use the additional functions offered by Controll-A-Door openers such as pet mode, vacaction mode, etc.

Tri Tran Two Button Water Resistant Transmitter

B&D 2 button transmitters are very compact and small enough to fit into your pocket. Two buttons means you have one button for your door opener, and a spare button for an additional garage door or gate opener or to use one of the additional functions offered by Controll-A-Door openers such as pet mode, vacaction mode, etc.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact The Garage Door Guys or request a free measure and quote. We look forward to discussing your requireme