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4 Reasons to Purchase a New Garage Door

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We’ve all made silly, impulsive purchases. That leather jacket that made you look like Fonzie? Yep. The aviators to go with said leather jacket? Uh-huh. The white snakeskin boots which you had no intention of buying but then you saw them and thought they’d look ‘cool’ with the jacket and aviators? You were wrong, and it’s ok. We’ve been there before…

So, how do we know that purchasing a new garage door isn’t going to be the same kind of impulse-buy that leads us to buyer’s regret and intense mockery from our closest friends? Well, for starters, buying a new garage door isn’t even close to the gamble of buying snakeskin boots.

Let’s look at four great reasons to purchase a new garage door.

1. You want to improve the look of your home

Your garage door is one of the first things you see when you look at your home from the street. It has a big role in making a great first impression and highlighting the character of your home. A new garage door improves the overall façade of your place. With a new garage door, you’ll pull into your driveway with a massive smile on your face, each and every time you come home from work.

2. Your old door is on its way out

If your old door literally sounds like it’s about to take its last breath every time you push the buzzer, then put it out of its misery and invest in a new door. Don’t wait for your wheezing, shuddering, grinding garage door to die – it may end up cost you more if it damages your roof or your car as a result of its intense seizures. Keeping your old garage door is much more trouble than it’s worth; especially when you weigh up the cost of ongoing repair bills.

3. You want better security

If security is a primary concern, then this is a great reason to purchase a new garage door. Old garage doors tend to be easier to break into than new ones, which have automatic locking systems and other safety features. If your garage door opener is pretty old, then we suggest updating that too: old openers have fixed codes which are much easier to hack into than new doors with rolling codes.

4. You want a simple way to renovate your home

Some people hear the word ‘renovation’ and run for the hills. It’s true: renovating can suck. It can be stressful and expensive. But installing a new garage door is easy as pie!

Especially when you go through a team of legends like The Garage Door Guys. They’re Adelaide’s best garage door experts, with a range of superb doors available and a team of specialist installers to set it up for you.

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