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5 Major Benefits of Installing a New Garage Door

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Love the smell of a new car? Wait til you get a whiff of a new garage door! While garage doors may not have the distinctly new smell that cars have, we’ll tell you what they do smell like: practicality, safety, security and added home value! These are some of the big benefits of installing a new garage door in your home, so, if you think it’s time for an upgrade, we’ll tell you a bit more below.

1. New garage doors are safer

Getting a new garage door isn’t just about looking good – it’s mainly about safety. Old garage doors have more chance of things going wrong with them, like a chain breaking off or a cable snapping. If your current garage door is groaning in agony or shuddering violently each time you open it, then it’s probably time to say goodbye.

2. They’re also more secure

Installing a new garage door is a great move for the security of your home. New doors are much harder to break into than old ones. New openers, for example, have rolling code technology which prevents people from hacking the code and opening your garage door. They’re physically sturdier too.

3. New garage doors complete the look of your home

Your old garage door may be perfectly safe and secure… but is it letting down the appearance of your home? A new garage door can be a massive facelift for any home. With the right colour and style to suit your home and your personal tastes, garage doors become more than a door: they become a feature!

4. Added home value

A new garage door is like any other renovation in your home – it adds value to it. Renovating your kitchen or your bathroom will definitely add more value than a new garage door but, at the same time, these renos are more expensive and more stressful. A new garage door is a quick, simple way to add home value.

5. Love where you live

You know what they say: you’ve got to love where you live! A new garage door that you’ve carefully picked out is one easy way to boost your contentedness with your living space. And with super cool features like smart phone access and silent opener technology, a new garage door can add a totally fresh vibe to your home.

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