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5 Ways a Garage Door Can Improve a Home’s Value Inside and Out

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Increasing your home’s value doesn’t always have to be a long, expensive renovation that leaves you with a whopping bill and many extra grey hairs. If you’ve done a reno or two in the past, you understand how bloomin’ stressful it can be! Delays, unexpected issues, last-minute changes to the plan – they’re all the things you can expect when putting in a new kitchen or bathroom, for example.

But there’s one way of home improvement which adds value to your home without stressing you out: installing a new garage door! Here are 5 ways a garage door increases home value, inside and out.

1. Façade improvement

If your current garage door is a little old and shabby then it’s probably taking away from the overall façade of your home. Your garage door is one of the first things that’s seen from the street, so it has a huge role in making a good first impression. Getting the colour right is the first step. This can make your façade come to life, complimenting its colour scheme and massively adding to appeal. 

2. Being on brand

What’s the style of your home? Is it a quaint 1930s character home? Or a chic, modern townhouse? Whatever kind of home you have, it’s important for your garage door to be on brand. What we mean by this is that your garage door and the rest of your home look good together, and are harmoniously creating a certain look. As a comparison, you may own a really nice blazer and a really nice pair of shorts – but you wouldn’t wear them together! You’d make sure that your whole outfit looks great.

3. Safety and security

People love homes that are safe and secure. Your garage door plays an important part in the security of your home, especially if your garage is connected to the rest of the home. If you’ve got a new door with added security features, your home has an edge over its competitors.

4. Technology improvements

We humans love shiny, new things. Mmm, shiny, new things! That’s why homebuyers simply can’t resist a new garage door with tech features like smartphone accessibility. It’s a convenience that’s well worth the money!

5. Improved energy efficiency

A new door with a new opener and motor can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. This is something that everybody can appreciate, no matter who’s interested in buying your home.

So, you see? Installing a new garage door is a win-win: you get to enjoy a fresh garage door while improving your home and increasing its value. This way, you never really lose money!

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