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6 Reasons to Get a New Garage Door Opener

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Garage door openers have a come a long way since their creation. Your parents may have been totally amazed when the first remote-controlled automatic garage door opener hit the market, but let’s face it – we’ve progressed since then! The 21st Century has brought a number of super cool improvements to garage door technology. If you’re looking to get a new garage door opener, here are 6 great reasons to do so.

1. Improved safety

Safety should be your number one concern when getting a new garage door opener. Old garage door openers have a higher risk of failing, and possibly causing an accident. If your garage door opener failed while you or your car was directly beneath it, this could result in serious injury and damage. New openers give you peace of mind in this respect.

2. Improved security

Security has come along way on garage door openers. Newer garage door openers are stronger and more reliable than old ones. There’s also the aspect of being technologically safer, with rolling codes instead of fixed codes, which prevent people hacking into your remote control opening system.

3. Peace and quiet

Ever heard a new garage door opener do its thing? Nope, neither have we! That’s because new garage door openers are virtually silent. If you have to get up early for work and don’t want to wake the other members of your home, then a new garage door opener is a great investment.

4. Battery backup

Some garage door openers have a backup battery in case of power failure. Now, this probably isn’t a necessary feature, unless of course you live in South Australia… oh, wait. Battery backup saves you having to worry about working out the emergency release when we have one of our infamous power failures.

5. Smart phone access

Want to check on the garage door status from work? Need to let a relative or friend into the house while you’re out of the house? With a modern garage door opener, it’s possible! Many garage door openers now come with smart phone accessibility, allowing you to open and close the door from wherever you are.

6. Keeps your garage door running

You can’t live without a functioning garage door opener. What, then, is the point of even having a garage door? To make sure your garage door is reliably opening and closing, you should probably update your garage door opener.

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