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Behind the Scenes: The Technology That Powers Smooth and Quiet Garage Door Operation

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Kids having tantrums. Partying neighbours. Trucks and buses whooshing down your street. Can’t we ever get a moment’s peace?

And then, to top it all off, you have to listen to a clanking, screeching, cacophonous garage door several times a day: the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

So, enough is enough with noisy garage doors. Let’s take a look behind the scenes and learn about the technology that powers smooth and quiet garage door operation, and what you can do to make your garage door quieter.

Belt drive technology

High-quality modern garage door motors use belt drives – a steel-reinforced rubber belt which eliminates the vibrations and noises that older models of garage door motor are known to produce. Upgrading to a belt-drive opener will instantly make your garage door smoother and quieter.

Wall-mounted openers

Wall-mounted openers can also make for a smooth, quiet garage door experience. This is because the wall they’re mounted to absorb the vibrations, rather than ceiling-mounted openers which, if they don’t have a belt drive, can send shudders to surrounding rooms via the ceiling.

How to make your garage door quieter

There are a couple of main ways to make your garage door quieter and smoother:

  • Garage door service
    Haven’t had a service in a while? Time to call the professionals from The Garage Door Guys to work their magic. Servicing your garage door ensures that all the components are functioning properly and well-lubricated. If something is misaligned or broken, like a roller, it’s repaired or replaced so that your door opens smoothly.
  • Invest in a new garage door opener
    If you’re still using a clunky old opener from years ago, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Belt-drive technology has made all the difference to the smoothness and quietness of garage doors, so ask the team at The Garage Door Guys about investing in an opener which uses a belt-drive.

Best options for smooth and quiet garage door openers:

  • Control-A-Door Smart
    The Control-A-Door Smart allows you to control your garage door using your smart phone, and uses a quiet 1100N DC motor with belt drive to open and close your door at a whisper.
  • Control-A-Door Power Drive
    This wall-mounted opener uses a powerful yet quiet 600N motor to minimise noise and vibrations when in operation. 
  • Control-A-Door Secure
    This fast-opening garage door motor uses a belt rail for a quiet and smooth opening experience.

Take the next step towards a quieter, more peaceful home by calling The Garage Door Guys. We specialise in all of these garage door opener models, and conduct maintenance and repair to ensure your door is running as smooth as butter. With expert door technicians and competitive rates, we’re Adelaide’s most trusted teams in garage door sales and repairs.

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