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How often should a Garage Door be Serviced

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Your garage door is the biggest moving part of your home, and it’s got a pretty important job on its hands, unlike other pieces of equipment like that Soda Stream your mother-in-law bought you last Christmas which has just sat in the cupboard for months on end. You garage door, on the other hand, protects your home from intruders and safely guards your vehicle – one of your most valuable assets.

So, given that it plays such an important role in your home, it’s equally important to look after it by getting it serviced. Let’s find out how frequently a garage door needs to be service in order for it to reliably and safely perform its job.

Service your door annually

Most manufacturers recommend servicing your garage door once a year, just like your car, your ducted air conditioner or your grand piano… if you’re lucky enough to own one. This is the ideal amount of time to call a professional and have them check your garage door’s components such as the torsion springs, cables, rollers and tracks. By servicing the parts, your technician is making sure that your garage door is safe to use and is extending its life.


It’s also likely that, if you have a warranty for your garage door, it states that you must service it at least once a year to maintain it. Failing to service your garage door once a year could result in the breaching of your warranty, which doesn’t exactly work in your favour.

Reasons to service your garage door:

  • Servicing is cheaper than repairs
    With basically everything, servicing is cheaper than repairs. Cars, instruments, dishwashers, houses, technology… the list goes on. Garage door services cost far less than repairs. So, you’ll save money in the long run if you stick to a regular service routine.
  • Smooth, reliable use
    You want your garage door to be in A1 condition, all year round. Imagine having a really important meeting at work one day, and your garage door refuses to open on that exact day. If you serviced your garage door prior to that, you wouldn’t have that problem. Your garage door will never miss a beat if you get it serviced before issues arise.
  • Avoid the headaches
    We don’t need to remind you of how many things go wrong as a homeowner. You’ve got many other appliances in your home, and the last thing you want to deal with is a faulty garage door. Save yourself that extra headache and just get it serviced!

Need the most diligent, precise and great-value garage door service in Adelaide? Call up The Garage Door Guys! They specialise in all areas of garage door repairs, maintenance and installation. Grab a quote from The Garage Door Guys and get your garage door running like brand new.


How much does It Cost to have Garage Doors Installed

Garage doors are wonderful things, aren’t they? With the click of a button, you’ve opened the largest single entrance into your home. It’s the real-life equivalent of Aladdin saying ‘open sesame!’ to gain access to the secret cave.

We totally get why you’re interested in having one installed – but first, the million-dollar question: how much will it cost?

Put simply, if you go to the wrong garage door installers: a lot. You may end up paying premium prices for a not-so-premium product and a less-than-average job of installing it. But at The Garage Door Guys, you won’t have that problem.

The Garage Door Guys specialise in all types of garage doors and gates, across all types of budgets. Generally, garage doors range from most affordable to most expensive in this order:


  • Roller doors
  • Panelift/sectional doors
  • Tilt doors

Of course, that depends on size, material, colour and all that jazz. For example, a custom-coloured hot pink roller door may set you back a bit more than your standard beige panelift door… and would probably look a bit tacky anyway.


The size plays a big role in determining how much your garage door will cost to install. Single garage doors generally cost less than double ones… you get the picture.


Then, there’s the material your garage door is made from – steel, aluminium or timber. While a steel roller door may be more affordable than a timber sectional door, it may not suit the design of your home as much. And while a timber door may suit you home better, it may not be as durable as a steel one. In short, there are a few things, other than the price, to consider when choosing which garage door to install in your home.

*Note: you can also have custom doors built for you, if none of the traditional designs suit your taste. The Garage Door Guys are happy to work alongside you to create your dream garage door.


Now we come to installing your door. While you could attempt to DIY your garage door installation, there’s a few solid reasons to leave it to a specialist:

  • Every single aspect of the installation has to be 100% precise, or else your door won’t open and close smoothly, which could very likely damage your door.
  • Most doors are too heavy for you to be able to install it on your own. Even if you’re an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type-of-operator and pump serious iron at the gym.
  • It’s not worth the risk of injuring yourself, or installing incorrectly.

Hiring a professional for a few more bucks ensures that the job is done precisely, safely, quickly and headache-free.


How are Garage Doors Installed

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There are a few ways in which garage doors are installed.

Option 1:

Try doing it yourself. Go to one of those DIY websites which you’re likely to visit once a year and, by the time you visit again, forget that they’re not very helpful. Follow the complicated 64-step process, get absolutely nowhere and result in throwing your hammer through a window. Oh, and hurt your back in the process.

Thoughts? If this doesn’t sound very appealing to you, Option 2 may suit you better. (Heads up, the real pros skip to Option 3.)

Option 2:

Go through one of the hardware giants. They’re perfect if you want a lower quality garage-door, with door stops made from plastic rather than steel, for the same price as a quality one. They won’t install it themselves, however, and will enlist another business to do it for them. Then, they’ll forget to liaise with said business, delaying the process for weeks and when you ring them up to spit chips, there won’t be anyone at the front end to take your call: they’ll be down Aisle 32 in the lighting section, hiding from customers.

This option is slightly better than the last, but it’s far from perfect. Aaaaand here’s Option 3.

Option 3:

Hire a team of garage door specialists, like The Garage Door Guys, to do the job once and do it well. They’re B&D accredited dealers who offer a 10-year warranty on your garage door, so there’s no reason to waste time throwing hammers through windows or making irate phone calls. 

Still not convinced?

Here’s a couple of genuine reasons why trying to do it yourself isn’t the best idea.

  • You’ll need lots of tools. Not just a Phillips head and some pliers either: this ain’t no IKEA mattress base. Most DIY websites give you a list of 10-15 tools that you’ll need which, if you don’t already have, will be expensive and time-consuming to go out and buy.
  • It’s likely to be dangerous. Garage doors are the heaviest moving part of your house. Without the right equipment, they pose a big risk in the way of transporting, lifting and installing.
  • They’re more complicated than you think. While we’re not saying that what The Garage Door Guys do is rocket science, it’s definitely a In many instances, you’re dealing with finicky parts like torsion rods, pulleys and springs. Once again, not a mattress base with a funny Swedish name like DOÅPOOP.

Hopefully, now that you’re an expert on how garage doors are installed, you know exactly how to do it. Pick up that phone, call The Garage Door Guys and sit back and relax.


3 Signs Your Garage Opener Isn’t Working Properly

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With some things, you can put up with the fact that they’ve got a little… ‘character’. A scratch in your car, a doorknob that you need to jiggle a little bit, your partner who insists on keeping sauce in the fridge and not the cupboard: all of these imperfections can be endured, accustomed to and moved on from.

But your garage door opener is, unfortunately, not one of those things. You can’t simply claim a problem with your garage door opener as ‘character’. Garage doors need to be working like a well-oiled machine, each and every time you go to open or close it. So, in this post, we’ll tell you 3 signs that your garage door opener has got a little character, and how you can uncharacter-ise it!

1) Your door keeps stopping and auto-reversing halfway down

It might be comical to watch your garage door spaz out and get halfway down before changing its mind and reversing back up again. But, we can assure you, this’ll get pretty old, pretty quickly – especially when it becomes clear that it’s a sign your garage door opener isn’t working properly. This could be an issue with your garage door opener recognising some sort of resistance when there’s nothing actually blocking the garage door’s path. To get this annoying problem sorted out, contact The Garage Door Guys. A friendly technician will figure out why your garage door opener isn’t working properly and will either repair or recommend replacing the opener.

2) The door and opener are making a lot of noise

This problem is far less entertaining than the first. In fact, it’s frankly concerning and will wipe the smile off your face in an instant. Nothing in your home should be making loud grinding or crunching noises apart from maybe your coffee machine – in which those cacophonous noises pay off immensely, might we add. If either your door or your opener are making loud, unusual noises, then your opener certainly isn’t working properly. This could be due to a broken component, a misaligned door or a range of other reasons.

3) The remotes are not operating the door anymore

There could be an easy answer to this one: they’ve run out of battery power. But if your remotes still aren’t operating the opener after checking the batteries, then you’ve got a bigger problem. Call up a garage door technician from The Garage Door Guys and they’ll test your opener using new remotes, or run some other diagnostics if that fails.

There are a heap of other signs that your garage door opener isn’t functioning to the best of its ability, but at least now you know three of the most common ones. The Garage Door Guys are Adelaide’s best team of repairers, installers and retailers of garage doors, having expert knowledge in opener repairs and stocking a wide range of quality replacements. Grab a quote from your mates at The Garage Door Guys and get your door back on track today.