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Can You Replace Just a Section of a Garage Door?

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If you’ve ever been involved in a minor car accident, you’ll know that the repair process is pretty darn easy. You just take off the part that was affected, like the door or the bumper, replace it with a new one and Bob’s your uncle.

Replacing a section of your garage door is a little trickier. There are situations in which you can replace a section of your garage door but, depending on your garage, it may not be possible.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors are, more often than not, able to be replaced section by section rather than installing a whole new door. This repair is great for when you’ve only sustained minor damage to one panel of the door and the other panels are still fully intact.

Keep in mind, replacing one panel of your sectional door comes with some disadvantages. If you’ve had the door for a while, it has most likely become a little weathered in our extreme Australian climate. This means that, when you replace the old panel with a new one, it will stand out against the other weathered panels. You may have to repaint the door to make it look good which is a timely and somewhat costly process.

When to consider replacing the door, rather than the panel

There are other times when it’s not worth replacing a single panel and it may be easier and more cost-effective to replace the entire door. For example, if multiple panels have been damaged, it may be best to go with a new door. The more panels you need to replace, the more complex and expensive the job is going to be.

You also have to watch out for the connections of the panel. Even slight damage to the connecting edge of the panel will lead to failure eventually. This could cause further damage to your tracks and your motor if they’re working too hard to operate a faulty door.

Steel roller doors and tilt doors

Roller doors and tilt doors, unfortunately, are not able to have sections replaced because… well, they’re not sectional. If you’ve sustained damage to your roller or tilt door, contact the friendly team at The Garage Door Guys to go through your options.

So, there’s a bit of good news for you if you only need a panel of your sectional door replaced. The team at The Garage Door Guys will be able to sort that out for you. If you’re unsure of what measures to take with your damaged garage door, don’t fret! Call up The Garage Door Guys and let them take a look at it. They’re Adelaide’s specialists in garage door repairs, sales and installations. They’ll resolve your issue in the most affordable way possible.

Visit them at their Totness office or call them up for an inspection today, at 08 8391 0113.

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