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What Is The Best Material For A Garage Door?

Designer door prodemaIt’s the time-honoured argument which never seems to end with a definitive winner being picked: which is the best kind of garage door material?

Well, let’s lay our cards down on the table. We know what works: steel, timber, fibreglass are all good options for garage doors. And we know what doesn’t work: cardboard, glass, papier mâché, chocolate… these materials would make a pretty average garage door.

What, then, is the best material for your personal needs? Let’s take a look at the strengths of each garage door material and settle the debate, once and for all.


Timber is one of Australia’s most loved garage door materials. Here’s why:

  • It’s stylish
    Timber sectional and tilt doors are known for their stylish, sleek designs. As a material, timber can give your home a grand, classic look or it can be used for more modern applications.
  • It can be decorated and customised
    Timber is, in some ways, more customisable than steel when it comes to panel lift and tilt doors. Patterns can be routed into your timber door, making it truly unique and spectacular.


It’s strong, reliable, weather-resistant and widely available: no wonder why steel is one of the best materials for a garage door. Here’s why some people say steel is the best garage door material:

  • It’s strong
    Steel is an extremely strong material. The corrugated steel design of roller doors makes them extremely durable and even weather-resistant. Steel is also more resistant to denting, unlike timber, which is far softer.
  • It’s widely available
    Timber shortages have shaken the construction industry worldwide. Steel, on the other hand, is always quite accessible. Choosing a steel door means you won’t have to wait around in times where other materials are scarce.
  • It’s affordable
    Steel is also a very cost-effective material. Cheaper than most other materials, steel is a great value option, when taking into account its durability and strength.


Looking for something a little different? Fibreglass isn’t as popular in Australia as it is in other countries, but it’s a great option for garage doors. It has the sleek, elegant qualities of wood, yet can cost less.

  • It’s low-maintenance
    Fibreglass is also less maintenance than wood. There’s no threat of it warping or cracking and you don’t need to reapply a protective coat every once in a while, unlike with wood doors.

Insulated doors

Insulated doors are the go if you’re keen on making your home more energy efficient. These are thick doors with insulation inside them, providing a higher R-value and keeping the temperature more consistent within your home. They can be made from timber, steel and fibreglass and are perfect for those chilly Adelaide winters.

At The Garage Door Guys, they love all garage door materials. That’s why they stock such a huge range of garage doors, in a huge range of materials. From timber to steel to insulated doors and more, you’ll find exactly what you’re after in the showroom of The Garage Door Guys. Head in and browse the range today.


The 5 Ways A New Garage Door Adds Value To You Home

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Home value can be increased in many different ways. You can renovate the kitchen, add an extension, or create one of those super-secret chambers where you pull a book off the bookshelf and it magically opens up to a hidden room. Those things are so cool.

But, unless you’ve got loads of time and money to burn, which few of us do, we’re guessing that you’re looking to add home value in more convenient, affordable ways. Here’s how investing in a new garage door is the perfect way to do this.

1) Security

Security is a huge drawcard for any homebuyer. And what’s one of the main perks of new garage doors? They’re far more secure than old ones. New garage doors are harder to break into, thanks to their use of scrambled-code openers. These openers use a different code every time you open your door, so it’s near impossible for intruders to hack the code. This extra security adds a heap of value to your home.

2) Looks

Even more significant is the aspect of style. A new garage door gives your home a complete facelift, making it look more stylish and modern. A garage door can say a lot about your home: it can make your home look crusty and ancient if it’s still got the same door as it did in the 70s, or it can breathe new life into your home by being updated and bringing a modern edge. People are willing to pay extra for a home that looks good – it’s simple maths!

3) Convenience

People are also willing to pay extra for convenience. Garage doors that use modern tech like apps, which can be used to remotely open and close the door, are a huge value-booster to your home.

4) Energy efficiency

A new garage door can increase energy efficiency in your home, boosting its total value. If you want to really maximise your energy efficiency and cut costs on bills, think about investing in an insulated garage door. Made from thick, insular materials, these garage doors help keep the temperature consistent in your home, creating less work for your climate control system.

5) Curb appeal

All of these factors, together, increase the curb appeal of your home, which directly translates into added home value. It means you’ll get the best price for your home if you’re looking to sell in the near or distant future.

Ready to make the wise investment of a new garage door? Get in touch with The Garage Door Guys today! They’re Adelaide’s garage door legends, stocking the widest variety of doors at the best prices. With all the garage door types, sizes and materials you could ever dream of, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at The Garage Door Guys. Pop into their Adelaide Hills showroom today!


Garage Door and Gate Solutions

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Installing and repairing a garage door or gate for your home can be a little frustrating at times. What kind of door should you be looking at? How much will it cost? Who can you trust to install it properly?

It’s easy to get caught up in all these questions, which can sometimes seem like problems. Fortunately, The Garage Door Guys offer solutions. Here are some easy steps to go about finding a new garage door or gate through The Garage Door Guys:

Step 1: Check out their products

You’ll find a wide range of garage doors, gates and more when you check out the website gallery. From sturdy, durable roller doors, to the classic tilt door, to elegant panelift doors and custom-made gates. Most people aren’t super familiar with garage doors when they just start their hunt for one, so using The Garage Door Guys’ catalogue is a great way to familiarise yourself with the world of garage doors.

Step 2: Find something you like

This in itself can be a tricky task. A door that you find most appealing may not be the door that’s most practical for you. That’s why your garage door specialist should be there to offer important information on sizing, material colour and style before you go ahead and put your money down.

Step 3: Grab some ideas from the internet

Newsflash: social interest apps like Instagram and Pinterest aren’t just used to look at pictures of food. You can also get some great ideas for your next garage door. Whether you’re getting a feel for what style of door you like the most, or which colour would look best with your home, these sites provide an awesome insight into what your next garage door should look like.

Step 4: Make an informed decision

With some time to process all the steps above, choosing your garage door won’t seem so damn hard. You’ll have all the measurements, facts, prices and opinions from friends and family (especially that one particularly outspoken aunt) to point you in the right direction. 

Step 5: Buy and install!

And now? The fun part! You can head into The Garage Door Guys with a smile on your face and walk out with an even bigger one. They guarantee a no-fuss purchasing experience and a quick installation with no nasty surprises.


Will the Garage Door Work without Power

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If you’ve owned an automated garage door for a while, you probably don’t sit at the window, staring at its effortless opening and closing at the click of a button. It’s just like when your internet speeds get upgraded: it’s cool at first, but you simply get used to it. You only fully appreciate it through negative experiences – when your internet is down, or extremely slow.

The same goes when your garage door motor stops working. That’s when you remember how great life was when it opened with one little click.

The good news is that all powered garage doors are able to be opened manually in the event of a power outage, motor malfunction or an issue with the remote. And it’s really simple to open. The other bit of good news is that if you get stuck, you’ve always got a fall back: give The Garage Door Guys a call.

NOTE: If your garage door is stuck in the open position, do not attempt to pull the release cord. This could result in the door slamming shut, which poses a risk of serious harm. If the door is stuck open, call The Garage Door Guys to inspect it immediately.

1. Pull the release cord

The release cord is that dangly, usually red rope thingy with a handle at the end. It’s normally attached to the garage door track or motor. If the door is closed, pull the cord. This releases the door from the belt or drive chain. Before you pull the cord, consider these:

  • You’ll need to pull it with a decent amount of force
  • If you use a manual lock on your garage door, remove it first.
  • Don’t hang from the cord like a baby chimp… yes, it sounds silly, but you’d be surprised.

2. Manually lift the garage door open

Grab the handle of the garage door from the inside and raise it until the door is completely opened. If the door isn’t raising smoothly, then don’t force it open and try to pull the release cord again. If this doesn’t work, call The Garage Door Guys to come check it out. If the door isn’t staying open when fully raised, also call The Garage Door Guys to come check it out.

Power Outages:

If your garage door wasn’t opening due to a power outage, wait until the power is restored to your home. Then, reconnect your garage door to the power supply, using the instruction manual if necessary. If it works, hey presto! You’re good to go. If not, then (yep, you guessed it) call The Garage Door Guys.

Fault with the Garage Door:

If there’s a suspected problem with the garage door itself, it could be a broken spring or cable. Alternatively, it could be a fault with the motor. Both are serious issues which require the attention of an expert. Luckily, the experienced team at The Garage Door Guys are always ready to repair and service your door should things go wrong.


Which Garage Doors are Best

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When your footy team wins the Grand Final, it’s clear that they’re the best of the season. Their trophy provides visible and tangible evidence that they’re the best. The same goes for when Usain Bolt breaks another 100m record, or Winx wins an unbelievable 33 consecutive races.

When looking at garage doors, on the other hand, it’s not so easy to determine a winner. They don’t kick goals. They don’t win 100m sprints. In fact, they don’t engage in any form of athletic display.

We’re of the opinion that, like human beings, all garage doors are beautiful in their own way. Deciding which one is best depends entirely on what’s right for you. And because everyone’s needs are different, their ideal garage door will look a little different too.

Let’s go through a few essential factors to consider when choosing the best garage door for you:

Garage Space:

You can’t buy the coolest, sexiest garage door in the world if it won’t fit in your garage. Roller doors are convenient, compact and look great. They suit garages with narrow openings but require headroom (space directly above the garage door) so that it can roll up neatly when opened.

Tilt doors and sectional/panelift doors are suitable for your home if you have limited headroom, as they’re stored outstretched and overhead your garage when opened. Tilt doors, however, require a sufficient space in your actual driveway when opening and closing them – so that must be considered too.


The material of your garage door doesn’t just make it look good – it’s also a matter of practicality. Are you drawn to the durability and wide range of colours that a steel garage door has to offer? Perhaps you like the lightweight and easy-to-maintain design of an aluminium door. Or maybe a timber door suits the design of your home the best.


Colours are a massive part of deciding the best garage door for you and your home. Colorbond Steel offers a wide range of colours and, if you tend to be indecisive with these things, the experts at The Garage Door Guys will be happy to guide you through choosing a colour. For timber doors, there are a variety of finishes to choose from.

Safety Features:

It’s standard for your garage door to come with a few safety features. Automatic reversing technology is a big one. This will save you either a trip to the hospital or the panel beater if something is obstructing the door from closing. Emergency release buttons are a must, should you experience a power outage. Photo eye beams are also increasingly common, as they create an infrared beam which prevent the door from closing when something’s in its way.


Motors offer convenience and safety and are a highly desirable feature for most home owners. You click a button and the door opens. How cool is that?

So now you’ve got an idea of which garage door could be best for you. It may take a little while longer to be certain, but that’s OK! The Garage Door Guys will be with you, every step of the way.


What You can do to Better Protect Your Garage Door Against Fire

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Keeping your home safe from fire is a top priority of all homeowners. Fires threaten the safety of your family members and can see you life’s work in the form of your home be destroyed in minutes. There’s no wonder, then, why you’d want to give yourself extra protection against fire.

Thankfully, extra fire protection is available for one of the biggest entry points in your home: the Emb-A-Seal. It’s a simple, effective seal for garage doors which protect against fire. In this post, we’ll learn more about the Emb-A-Seal and who you should call to have one installed in your home.

Emb-A-Seal: how does it work?

Emb-A-Seal is a fire-retardant seal that is available for both roller doors and sectional doors. Here’s how they work:

  • Roller doors
    For roller doors, an aluminium holder is fastened to the roll of the curtain, just above the height of the lintel. Then, the flame-retardant rubber compound slides into the holder and rests above the lintel, providing a barrier. The seal is compressed when the door curtain rolls around the drum. This means that door operation is unaffected and that the seal isn’t visible while the door is open. The Emb-A-Seal is perfect for high fire risk zones, dry, arid climates, coastal areas and dusty regions where high winds are present.
  • Sectional doors
    Emb-A-Seal for sectional doors consist of aluminium seal holders that are fixed behind the jambs and lintel. Bristle brush seals fit into these holders to prevent the entry of embers which can easily turn into a raging fire if coming into contact with something flammable. They’re also perfect for high fire risk zones, dry, arid climates, coastal areas and dusty regions where high winds are present.

Call a professional to install an Emb-A-Seal

Australia is a hot country, and many areas of our capital cities are at risk of bushfires. Like we’ve seen before in South Australia, during the devastating Sampson Flat bushfires in 2015 and the more recent Kangaroo Island bushfires in 2019, things can go from bad to worse, very quickly. The threat of a bushfire is very real in Adelaide, particularly in dense, green areas.

That’s why The Garage Door Guys encourage all Adelaide homeowners to fit their homes with an Emb-A-Seal. This not only offers extra protection against bushfires, but against any other accidental housefire. The Garage Door Guys care about their Adelaide and Adelaide Hills locals, which is why they offer competitive prices on all of their services, including installation of Emb-A-Seals. Grab a quote from the team today and take that extra step towards fire safety.


Can You Manually Open a Garage Door from the Outside

Having a bit of trouble with your garage door? Forgot your remote and need to open it manually? Don’t get yourself in a fret: these situations happen all the time. Before you pretend you’re Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and start thinking of elaborate ways to break into your home (no explosives allowed), you should probably read this blog on whether you can manually open a garage door. This will save you heaps of money on explosives and will also spare you from some pretty intense questioning from the police.

Manual doors

If your door is a manual door and doesn’t have a motorised opener, then yes: you can very easily open the door from the inside and the outside. If the door is locked, however, and you’re on the outside of it, you’re going to have some trouble opening it. Call the team at The Garage Door Guys to learn more about the next steps to take if this has happened to you.

Motorised doors

Motorised doors can be opened manually from the outside – but they need to be disengaged from the electric opener first. This is usually achieved by pulling the release cord (red with a red handle) which is obviously on the inside of the door. Failing to do this will damage the opener and possibly wreck your door to

Entry keypad

If you want to create a failsafe for forgetting your garage door remote, then the best way to do this is to install an entry keypad on the outside of your garage. Entry keypads allow you to open and close your garage door using a four-digit code, which you can change at any time, keeping your home secure.

Benefits of using an entry keypad

  • Convenience – when you have an entry keypad to your garage, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your remote ever again. This also means you won’t have to worry about calling your partner home from work just to open the garage door or, heaven forbid, calling a locksmith to get you inside!
  • Security – you can change the code to your garage door entry keypad on a regular basis as a security precaution. Four-digit codes are also very hard for intruders to hack into.

Sick and tired of worrying about where your garage door remote is? Call the team at The Garage Door Guys and get them to install an entry keypad on your garage door. As Adelaide’s award-winning retailer, installer and repairer of garage doors, their services include installing garage door entry keypads. Based on the values of quality workmanship and great value, The Garage Door Guys take care of their Adelaide and Adelaide Hills locals.

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Can You Install a New Garage Door on Old Tracks

Imagine this: you’ve bought a new car, but there’s a catch – it doesn’t come with any tyres. You can either use the old tyres from your previous car, which may not fit and or may have significant wear on them, or you can invest in some new, high-quality tyres. While the first option may save you a buck in the short term, it’ll probably lead to more problems which result in you buying a new set of tyres anyway.

See where we’re going with this? You could say the same for installing a new garage door on old tracks. The Garage Door Guys believe there are 6 good reasons why it’s generally avoided, so let’s go through them:

1) Your New Door May Not Fit Correctly

Each garage door fits a specific track, just like every wheel fits only one specific size of tyre. While your new garage door may look like it will fit the old track, or it might even fit 95% as well as your previous door, that still won’t cut it. Garage doors are finicky devices which require exact accuracy to operate properly and to ensure that it won’t sustain damage.

2) Old Tracks Pose a Safety Risk

Using the tyre analogy again, you wouldn’t go putting a set of old tyres on a new car if they were balding so much that it would only take the smallest pebble to cause them to pop. The difference is, it’s a lot easier to see when a tyre is worn than it is to tell when your garage door track has seen better days.

Over time, garage door tracks can become rusty, bent or warped, with grime and dirt preventing your door from opening smoothly. This only increases serious damage to your tracks and the door itself, like jamming or snapping off entirely.

3) Old Tracks Are More Likely to Damage Property

It’s obvious that whatever lies beneath your garage door tracks could be toast if they were to snap off. Say goodbye to that Lamborghini you just won in the lottery (yeah, right). But moreover, it could cause major structural damage to your roof, walls or anything else in the way.

4) New Tracks Look Better

Don’t pretend you’re not a little bit vain or a little bit houseproud. Of course you care about the way your house looks. That’s why you spent so long deciding the colour of your garage door in the first place… so then why wouldn’t you care that your tracks are also shiny and new?

5) Old Tracks Could Void a Warranty’

Many garage door retailers will only provide a warranty on your new garage door if you get new tracks to go with it. You’d feel pretty bad about yourself if you skimped out on new tracks and then something happened to your door a week later.

6) New Tracks Aren’t Super Expensive

And we finish, once again, with the tyre analogy. Imagine you’ve just spent thousands and thousands of dollars on a new car, and then refused to fork out a few extra hundred on new tyres. It wouldn’t make sense! Neither does keeping your old garage door tracks.

We hope this clears up the question of whether new garage doors should go on your old tracks. In one simple word, “Nah.”


My Garage Door has been Damaged What should I Do

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It’s as if you saw it happen in slow motion. You woke up on what was supposed to be a lovely day, you got ready for work, you opened the garage and as you waited for it to rise, you heard a loud bang (or maybe you heard nothing at all) and your door then refused to open.

Well, then. What should you do? Panic? Call your boss and tell them you’ll have to quit? Sell your home and move to a remote cabin in Alaska? No, no and no. There’s a very simple solution for a damaged garage door: call The Garage Door Guys and get one of their expert technicians to come and help you out.

Mechanical issues

If your door has experienced some mechanical issues, like a snapped cabled or a broken torsion spring, then the first thing you should do is refrain from using your door and leave it in whatever position it’s currently in. Moving the door in this situation is very dangerous; trying to close it could bring it crashing down, and trying to open it won’t work as it probably won’t stay open. Simply call a team member from The Garage Door Guys and they’ll promptly set to work fixing your door.

Structural issues (car accidents, etc)

If your garage door has sustained more serious damaged due to a car accident or heavy winds, then it’s important to call the team at The Garage Door Guys straight away. They’ll send a technician to inspect the damage and make the necessary repairs to ensure it’s safe to use while your new garage door arrives. You should never use a garage door that has been involved in a car accident, even if it looks OK afterwards. The accident might have bent the tracks, making it unsafe to use your garage door and putting extra strain on your opener.


Most of the time, your insurance will cover the repairs or replacement of your garage door. The Garage Door Guys’ service includes providing a quote for replacement and photos for your insurance company. That way, they cut out the middle man (you) and make this process as easy as possible for you.

Don’t pack up your bags and flee the country just because you’ve experienced some trouble with your garage door. Call Adelaide’s experts at The Garage Door Guys! Their product knowledge and customer service in the garage door industry is simply unmatched, making sure they find the right garage door for you. They offer a vast range of quality doors at affordable prices and specialise in installation and repairs too. Grab a quote or arrange an inspection from The Garage Door Guys today.


How Safety Beams Protect You and Your Loved Ones

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As a homeowner and parent, you understand better than anyone that there’s no price on safety. We’d do anything to keep our loved ones safe, because it’s in our nature as good parents and partners. There’s one thing that all homeowners should do to make their homes more safe: install safety beams on their garage doors.

Safety beams have prevented countless injuries over the years, since their creation in the 1980s. Today, they’re an essential part of the garage door and global safety network in your home. Let’s take a close look at safety beams and why every garage door should have them.

What are safety beams?

Safety beams, also known as safety eyes, are two little detectors that project a laser sensor across the width of the garage door, picking up on anything that obstructs its path. If the laser sensor recognises that there’s something in the way of your door, it prevents the door from closing. It sounds super futuristic and high-tech when you describe it as a ‘laser beam’, but this technology has been around for decades. In the USA, it has been mandatory for new garage doors to be fitted with safety beams since 1992.

Benefit of safety beams

The biggest benefit of safety beams is, of course, safety. Two particularly important roles of safety beams is that they protect:

  • Your children
    Children are most prone to an accident involving a closing garage door. Although your door might have an auto-reverse function when it experiences resistance of about 7-9kg, this could still result in harming a child, which is why it’s absolutely imperative to install safety beams on your garage door if you have young children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, etc.
  • Your property
    Aside from protecting children, safety beams also work to protect your property. If your car is in the way of your garage door and your remote button is accidentally pressed, your garage door will never close on it, preventing damage to your roof, boot or bonnet. This saves you hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars if you own a luxury car, in repair bills and spares you the headache of dealing with insurance companies. It also saves you the embarrassing story of having to tell people what happened!

Hire a professional to install your garage door safety beams

Installing garage door safety beams should be left to a professional. Garage door technicians have the right equipment and knowledge to take care of the job quickly and effectively. Safety beams have to line up exactly in order to create a point-to-point laser that spans across the garage door. Then, your garage door technician will test the safety beams to ensure they’re working.

Call up The Garage Door Guys if you need to install safety beams in your garage. They’re Adelaide’s most trusted team of garage door retailers and repairers, specialising in all areas of garage door accessories, including safety beams. Grab a quote from The Garage Door Guys and make your garage safer today.