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Checklist for a Clean Garage

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Garages can often fall victim to being skipped on cleaning day. After all, they’re kind of not even a real room, right? They’re that weird middle-ground between being outside and inside. They’re both.

Well, this may be the case, but that definitely doesn’t mean you can just leave your garage to fester in squalor. Being a link directly to outdoors, this is a sure way to invite pests and let dust and dirt particles filter into your home. Which we certainly don’t want!

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say, so in this post we consult South Australia’s garage professionals at The Garage Door Guys and whip up an all-inclusive checklist for a clean garage.

1) Sweep

There’s no better feeling than a garage that’s just been swept. Well, there is winning a million dollars in the lottery, or catching all green lights driving down Greenhill Road, but a freshly swept garage is pretty close. Leaves tend to blown in to your garage when it’s open, or under your weather seal, so grab your broom and sweep them away.

2) Declutter

The plight of the garage is that, at some point in history, everybody agreed that it should become the ‘throw-unwanted-stuff-in-it-and-hope-it-goes-away’ room. It is not that room. It’s a proper part of your home and deserves to be treated as such. Get rid of all those accumulated boxes of stuff, sorting through two designated ‘Keep’ and ‘Chuck’ piles. Don’t forget to donate your unwanted goods to your local op shop.

3) Wipe down

Let’s face it: the amount of dust in your garage would even get some archaeologists excited. Your garage isn’t a fossil: it’s a part of your home! Wipe down any dusty surface you can find, giving it a good spray with antibacterial stuff.

4) Garage door service

Getting your garage door serviced is the last, but not least, thing on your clean garage checklist. A professional technician will inspect and maintain your garage door, ensuring that it’s totally safe to use. It’s quite amazing how many times we’ve seen people call up for a service for the first time and their garage door spring is on the brink of snapping, or their rollers are jamming up, putting pressure on their opener.

Get these problems sorted by getting in touch with The Garage Door Guys; maintenance includes a good solid garage door clean, too.

Want the smoothest-operating garage in town? The Garage Door Guys can help you out, big time. As Adelaide’s favourite team of garage door specialists, their expertise range from sales and installations to repairs, maintenance and accessories. The Garage Door Guys service the entire Adelaide region, from the Hills to Henley and beyond. Grab a quote from the friendly team today.

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