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Designing a Garage Door for Maximum Curb Appeal

Designing a Garage Door for Maximum Curb Appeal


Maximising curb appeal is the goal of pretty much any homeowner. It increases home value, gives you a massive sense of satisfaction, and shows up that smug little neighbour of yours, Jones, big time. Take that, Jones!

But before we’re sticking it to our neighbours, we’ve got to pick the right door.

Here, the legends at The Garage Door Guys explain how to design a garage door for maximum curb appeal. We’ll take a look at factors like designs, colours and materials which are known for increasing curb appeal:

Choosing a custom design

To really maximise that curb appeal, we want our garage door to bring out all the best features of our home, so that our whole façade is working in harmony. While it’s possible to have a great façade with a standard door, we recommend a custom-designed garage door for maximising your curb appeal.

By working with an expert door designer, you can create a garage door that accentuates each feature of your home. Choose from classic-looking doors, modern doors, premium materials and over 100 quality finishes to bring out the best in your home’s façade.

Unique, tasteful colour

When it comes to colour, we want to be unique… but not so unique that it becomes gaudy or untasteful. Tasteful colours that complement other features of your home, for example your roof or window trimmings, are what we’re aiming for. Instead of choosing a stock standard colour like beige or charcoal, perhaps your home would look great with a Brunswick green or burgundy garage door, giving your whole home a harmonious look.

The Garage Door Guys have a team of specialist designers who can sit down with you and offer their expertise when trying to select a garage door colour. They look at your home’s façade and determine which colours complement its existing colour scheme.

Premium material

When maximising curb appeal, we want to immediately impress passers-by. And what’s more impressive than choosing a high-quality, premium garage door material? Yes, maybe parking a Lamborghini directly in front of it, but that might not be an option for everyone!

Materials like timber, timber composite, aluminium and fibreglass are all considered top choices, known for their stylish looks, lightweight nature and strength.

Consider a gate

If your layout allows, why not go for a gate? Gates can add to the grandeur of your home’s façade, and help to give you maximum curb appeal when you’re looking to boost home value.

The Garage Door Guys is Adelaide’s home of custom-designed doors. We create SA’s finest custom doors, helping homeowners realise their dream home and boost curb appeal. With expertly-designed doors and premium materials, you can choose from over 100 powder coat finishes, giving you full control of your door’s design. Get in touch with us and create your dream door today!

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