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Elevate Your Home’s Value: The Impact of a New Garage Door on Property Resale

elevating your homes value the impact of a new garage door on property resale before

elevating your homes value the impact of a new garage door on property resale after

The property market is hotter than a boiled potato, and many Aussies are cashing in and using this chance to downsize or make a lifestyle-based move.

But while the property market is going off right now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking to increase your property’s value even further.

Turns out, one of the best things you can do to increase property value at resale isn’t ripping out the kitchen or knocking down a few walls to make it open-plan: there’s a much quicker, easier hack to increase your home’s value.

The experts at The Garage Door Guys reveal all in this post!

New garage doors have a high return of investment (ROI)

Forget about complicated, stressful renovations when trying to boost property value; installing a new garage door is actually one of the most value-adding investments you can make.

New garage doors have a higher return of investment (ROI) than kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, master suite additions and backyard patio installations. On average, garage door replacements not only recoup the entire cost of installation, but actually add more value to the home, presenting a quick and easy way to make money on property resale.

New garage doors are low-effort and low-stress

Apart from having a higher ROI than many common renovations before property resale, installing a new garage door is low-effort and low-stress. The whole process can be completed from start to finish within a matter of days, and the only choice you have to make is which garage door to invest in.

Why do garage doors increase home value?

  • Increase curb appeal
    Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, you should. ‘Curb appeal’ refers to the attractiveness of a home as one views it from the street. The garage door is one of the first things you see from the street, meaning that a nice, new garage door increases a home’s curb appeal. This allows you to better market your home and to capture the hearts of prospective buyers.
  • Complementing the façade
    A garage door can either complement your home’s façade, or it can stick out in a negative way. A beautiful 1940s bungalow with pale green window trimming, for example, would have a much more cohesive façade with a pale green sectional door, rather than an old white roller door. Here, we’re using the garage door to our advantage, further increasing curb appeal.

Put your best foot forward when your property hits the market, thanks to the team at The Garage Door Guys. We’re Adelaide’s garage door specialists, with a massive range of high-quality garage doors. Our catalogue features a large choice of colours and styles, making it easier for property owners to find the ideal garage door. Browse our range or pop in to our Totness showroom today.

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