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Energy-Efficient Garage Doors: How to Save Money and Conserve Energy

Energy Efficient Garage Doors How to Save Money and Conserve Energy

Rising energy bills, inflation, interest rates, global warming – there are endless reasons why you’re looking everywhere you can to save a buck and conserve energy. Whether it’s drilling into your family members to turn the lights off or wearing extra layers instead of turning the heater on in winter, we know what it’s like to be energy-conscious right now.

But there’s an even better way to be energy-sparing than being a member of the light police or sweating it out in your four layers of jumpers: investing in an energy-efficient garage door.

Let’s ask the experts at The Garage Door Guys about energy-efficient garage doors so you can happily turn the heater on this winter without any guilt!

Insulated garage doors

The most energy-efficient type of garage door is the insulated garage door – a door that is thicker than average and contains insulating materials to prevent heat transfer and keep the temperature in your garage more consistent. Generally, they contain one of three main insulation materials: fibreglass batting, cellulose fibre, or rigid foam panels.

Why is an energy-efficient door necessary?

If your garage is connected to your home, it’s likely the single weakest point for allowing outside elements into your home. In the summer, hot air makes its way into your air-conditioned home through the garage, and in the winter, your heated living room is prone to those chilly draughts – also coming from your garage.

What this does is make your HVAC unit work harder to keep a consistent temperature, driving up your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.

The difference with insulated garage doors

While a regular roller door or sectional door is prone to letting outside temperatures penetrate your garage, an insulated door says ‘no way!’ Thanks to the thick insulation materials within it, your insulated garage door creates a barrier between your garage and the outdoors and keeps the temperature within your home more consistent.

Benefits of insulated garage doors

These energy-efficient garage doors have a tonne of benefits:

  • Lower power bills
    Leave those eye-wateringly high power bills in the past. Insulated garage doors can significantly reduce your energy bills, and will eventually pay themselves off this way.
  • Noise reduction
    They’re also the perfect tool to safeguard your home from busy street noises and loud neighbours, because their thickness allows for less sound transfer.
  • Reduced carbon footprint
    We all want to do our bit for the environment and reduce our personal carbon footprint. Energy-efficient garage doors are one of the best ways we can achieve this.

Interested in reaping all the benefits of insulated garage doors? Get in touch with the specialists at The Garage Door Guys. We’re Adelaide favourite team for high-quality garage door retail, stocking a huge variety of insulated garage doors to knock down those power bills while conserving precious energy. Browse our range or pop into our Totness showroom today!

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