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Find the Perfect Fit for Your Home: How to Choose the Right Size Garage Door

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With some things, it’s easy to find the right size. Clothes? Easy. Screwdrivers? Easy. Lightbulbs? Easy, but only when you remember to bring the old lightbulb into the shop with you – otherwise, it’s a huge gamble!

And when finding the perfect garage door size for your home, you certainly don’t want to take any chances. That’s why you absolutely must have a professional garage door installer measure your garage before you choose your garage door.

Here, we outline some tips on choosing the right size garage door, and why it’s imperative to get it professionally measured.

Measuring your current garage door

If you’re investing in a new garage door for your home which is already built, then an easy way to find out the right size replacement is to measure your current garage door. This information will come in handy when you call up your garage door retailer and tell them what you’re looking for. Measure the height, width and headroom of your garage door. This step will of course be repeated by a technician during your professional measure, but it’s handy to know the basic measurements yourself before proceeding.

Professional measure

Measuring can be an extremely daunting task, and that’s why an expert will always be happy to help you. A professional measure consists of 5 main measurements:

1. Garage door width
First, the width of the garage door. Your garage door technician takes the measurement at the door’s widest point.

2. Height of the door
Here, your technician measures from the floor to the top of the finished opening, but does it in three spots: left, centre, and right sides of the door.

3. Width of the area on each side of the openings
Now, we measure how much space you have on each side of the garage door. Some doors need more space than others, and knowing the width of this space will help determine a suitable door.

4. Headroom
The headroom is the distance between the top of your garage door opening to the ceiling. For most garage doors, you need more than 6 inches of headroom in order to successfully fit them.

5. Backroom
The backroom is the distance from the opening of your garage to the back of the garage. It’s essential to knowing the required height of your garage door. If the door is too long for the backroom, it won’t be possible to fit it.

Professional measures are all part of the package when you choose a high quality new garage door from Adelaide’s favourite team – The Garage Door Guys. With an outstanding range of garage doors in a whole bunch of styles and colours, these durable Australian-made garage doors are the perfect investment for your home or business. Give the team a call, or pop in to see them at their Adelaide Hills showroom.

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