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From Classic to Contemporary: Exploring the Latest Garage Door Trends in 2024

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Keeping up with the trends is never a foolproof exercise. Take jean styles, for example. In the ‘60s, skinny jeans were the trend. The, however, ‘70s, were all about bell-bottom jeans. In the 2000s, skinny jeans resurfaced and became popular again. And now, you’ll barely ever see a youngster in skinny jeans, because flared bell-bottoms are back in fashion.

Now, a pair of jeans isn’t that much of an investment, and they’ll probably only last until the trend changes. But with garage doors, it’s a different story!

In this post, we’ll outline the emerging trends for garage doors in 2024 – but remember, it’s important to choose something that you personally love, not just what’s fashionable at the time.

Getting colourful

While the past few years of exterior design has been marked by neutral tones, it seems as though the pendulum is swinging once again, and more unique colours of garage door are becoming popular. Our range of Colorbond steel roller doors come in a huge range of colours, allowing you to pick the perfect hue to match the rest of your home’s façade.

Letting in the light

Who said the garage has to be a cold, dark cave with nothing but an old fluorescent light on the ceiling? Let’s turn that haunted house into your happy place. Transform your garage with a custom garage door made from light-letting material like Clearlite. Alternatively, if you’d rather stick to traditional garage door materials like steel or timber, you can have your door fitted with windows or install a skylight in your garage. Let there be light!

Natural, earthy tones

Natural, earthy tones have seen a spike in popularity over the past few years, and it’s no wonder why. Australia is a natural wonderland, and our homes often reflect this. The sandy colour of the beach, the navy blue of the ocean, the deep red of the desert – these garage door colours look great on most homes.

Timber chic

Speaking of natural, timber or timber-looking products are also more popular than ever! Sleek and modern, timber garage doors often come in sectional or tilt form, and can be made from various faux-wood materials to minimise maintenance duties.

Gates are thriving

And let’s not forget the timeless home feature of gates. A convenient, versatile way of securing your property, gates can have 100% visibility to increase curb appeal or give 100% privacy, depending on how they’re constructed. The Garage Door Guys’ range of gates is sure to get the ball rolling on some gate inspo!

Let’s get your home a new garage door or gate thanks to the legends at The Garage Door Guys! We’re Adelaide’s leading team for garage door retail, services and repair. With a huge range of stunning garage doors and gates and a specialist team in maintenance and repair, there’s a reason we’re one of South Australia’s most trusted garage door experts. Get in touch with our team today.

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