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Garage Door Colour Schemes: Harmonising with Your Home’s Exterior

Garage Door Colour Schemes Harmonising with Your Homes Exterior


Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet… how did they do it?

If you’re the type of person who can barely colour-coordinate their clothing (like we are), you’ll find it simply baffling how these great artists were able to blend hundreds of colours together to create timeless artworks.

Thankfully, nobody’s expecting you to be the next Van Gogh. But if you’re planning on selecting a new garage door, you’re going to have to know how to harmonise your home’s exterior colour scheme.

Don’t stress out about it because, in this post, The Garage Door Guys explain how to do it!

Complementing your home style

First up, what kind of home are we talking about? A modern suburban home built in the last 10 years? A ‘60s style triple fronted home? A coastal beach house? A 1890s cottage or a 1930s character home?  Your garage door colour scheme greatly depends on the style of your home. While modern homes tend to feature neutral colours like sand, white, charcoal and black, character homes might be better suited to bolder colours – think greens, burgundies, and navy colours.

Matching the window trimmings and gutters

One of the best ways to harmonise your garage door colour with your home’s exterior is to colour-match with window trimmings and gutters. You don’t have to work with what you’ve got: there’s nothing stopping you from repainting your gutters and window trimmings to match your new garage door colour. This looks absolutely stunning on ‘60s and ‘70s style double/triple fronted homes.

Harmonising with your landscape and surrounding environment

There’s another element of your home’s exterior which we haven’t yet discussed: its surrounding landscape. If your home is nestled in a leafy tree-dense area, why not choose a garage door colour which accentuates this, like a dark green? Or for coastal homes, a light blue garage door represents the ocean which is just a few metres away.

Devil in the details

So, we’ve discussed harmony between your garage door and your window trimmings, gutters, roof and even the surrounding environment… but let’s delve into the finishing details! Things like patio brick colour, outdoor furniture, letterboxes – all of these details should be working together to create a harmonious colour scheme.

Choosing the right finish

And finally, the finish. Choose from wood grain, matte or glossy finish to tie your exterior together – just like a magnificent work of art.

If you need some help styling your exterior by choosing a new garage door colour, just get in touch with The Garage Door Guys. As Adelaide’s best retailers of quality garage doors, we stock a huge range of doors in all style and over 100 different coatings. We’ve developed a reputation for quality work and unbeatable service, and are excited to help you realise your goals for your home. Give us a call today.

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