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Garage Door Lubrication: Why, When, and How

Garage Door Lubrication Why When and How


When you get a dry, sore throat, you take a lozenge to make it feel better. The lozenge soothes an irritated throat, coating it with lubricant.

Garage doors don’t get sore throats, but they do need their own version of a lozenge. Lubrication prevents your garage door’s moving parts from becoming stiff and rusty, so it really is like feeding a Strepsil to your garage door.

Here, the experts at The Garage Door Guys tell you everything you need to know about garage door lubrication: the why, the when and the how!

What is garage door lubrication?

Your garage door consists of several key moving parts. These include hinges, rollers, springs, lock and bearing plates. These parts need continuous lubrication so that they’re able to move freely and are kept in good condition. Garage door technicians use a specialised lubrication, which is purpose designed for garage door parts. Store-bought lubricants, like WD-40, aren’t suitable for garage door parts and can actually lead to quicker damage of your door.

Why lubricate your garage door?

There are several reasons why garage doors need lubrication:

  • Keeps parts moving freely
    Your garage door’s moving parts like rollers and hinges need to be able to move freely. Lubrication prevents these parts from seizing up, allowing them to freely move the necessary direction. This prevents damage to the rest of your door, as insufficient lubrication can lead to quicker wear and tear.
  • Prevents rust
    Rust is a killer for garage doors – especially if you live by the ocean. Lubrication prevents your door’s crucial parts from oxidising, which creates rust. Something as simple as lubrication can save you thousands of dollars on parts replacements in the long run.
  • Protects against dirt and dust
    Dirt and dust can also affect your door’s moving parts, causing them to wear out quicker. These abrasive elements are mitigated when lubricant is applied regularly.

When to lubricate your garage door

So, when should you have you garage door lubricated? The gold standard is every 6 months. This ensures your garage door is prepared for Adelaide’s two climate extremes – a chilly winter and a hot dry summer.

How to lubricate your garage door

Lubricating your garage door should be left to a professional. While it may sound simple at first, there’s actually a real art to door lubrication. Too much or too little lubrication is equally detrimental, which is why professionals are trained in lubricating garage doors the right way. Our technicians also use premium quality lubricants which last longer and are better for your door’s moving parts.

Need your door lubricated? Give The Garage Door Guys a call! We’re Adelaide’s leading team for garage door retail, services and repair. With a huge range of stunning garage doors and a specialist team in maintenance and repair, there’s no wonder why we’re one of South Australia’s most trusted garage door experts. Get in touch with our team today.

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