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Garage Door Maintenance and Servicing



Would you drive around in a car that had bald tyres, broken seatbelts, no airbags and hadn’t been serviced for years? Nope, we didn’t think so. Driving around in a car that hasn’t been maintained or serviced is dangerous, and the same concept applies to garage doors. A garage door that hasn’t been serviced or maintained has more likelihood of things going wrong with it.  That’s why it’s so important to get your garage door maintained and serviced by a professional.

Let’s go through a couple of basic tasks that are performed in a garage door service and the benefits they hold for you.

Lubrication and alignment check

Garage doors need to be well-lubricated and neatly aligned. If your garage door struggles to close without making a grinding noise, then lubrication will help your garage door roll up and roll down smoothly. Misalignment is another problem that can lead to bigger issues down the track. If your door is misaligned, it can end up bending or warping, costing you a lot more to repair than a simple maintenance and service fee.

Weather seal check and replacement

Your weather seal is another feature of your garage door that will be checked when you book in for garage door maintenance and service. Weather seals prevent outside conditions like heat or cold air from getting into your home, as well as debris such as leaves and even pests like vermin and insects. If your weather seal isn’t doing its job properly, there’s a risk that all of these nasties could find a way into your home. A weather seal can easily be replaced by an expert garage door technician when you book in for a service.

Benefits of a garage door service

Garage door maintenance and service has a range of benefits for door owners

  • Safety: Garage doors that haven’t been maintained can be a risk to safety. What if your springs or cables needed replacing and one day they snapped? This could cause the door to come crashing down.
  • Longevity: Servicing and maintaining your garage door allows you to get more years of use out of it. Instead of having to replace a mistreated garage door after a couple of years, your garage door will last for decades when properly maintained.
  • Save money: It’s also a lot cheaper to regularly maintain a garage door than it is to replace one that’s on its last legs due to mistreatment. Save money by servicing your door frequently.

Garage door maintenance and servicing is a no-brainer. Book in with a professional team of garage door technicians like the ones at The Garage Door Guys! They’re one of Adelaide’s most trusted retailers and repairers of garage doors, offering the best quality door maintenance for the best value.

Get in touch with The Garage Door Guys on 08 8391 0113 to grab yourself a quote today.

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