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Garage Door Safety Features Every Barossa Valley Homeowner Should Know About

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With its picturesque villages and endless green vineyards, the Barossa is a little slice of heaven, right here in South Australia. If you’re a Barossa Valley homeowner, you’ve certainly got lots to be thankful for!

But even in a paradise like our region, we can’t get complacent when it comes to safety – especially when we’re talking about the largest moving object in our home, your garage door.

Garage door safety is particularly important in a family-oriented area like the Barossa Valley. The key safety features in a garage door to look out for are oriented towards the family unit and protecting your children. So, here, The Garage Door Guys list the most crucial garage door safety features you should know about if you live in the Barossa:

Keeping children safe

The Barossa Valley is a family-oriented area. It’s a place with plenty of space for children to play, with fresh air and quiet country streets. Over 53% of people living in the Barossa are families. So, the garage door safety features you should know about as a Barossa homeowner are all about protecting children.

Auto-reverse technology

Auto-reverse technology is one of the most important garage door safety features. While we believe it should be a mandatory feature of every garage door, currently you’ll still find older automatic openers which don’t feature this technology.

All new openers sold at The Garage Door Guys feature auto-reverse technology, ensuring your garage door goes back up if it detects something in the way.

Laser sensors

If you have a family in the Barossa Valley, your garage door should have laser sensors. The Barossa is a region where kids still play outside a lot, and have plenty of space to do so. If you accidently close the garage door while the kids are playing outside on the driveway, laser sensors will detect if they’re in the way of the door, and won’t close while they’re obstructing its path. Laser sensors can be easy installed by The Garage Door Guys, protecting your children and your property.

Smart openers

Smart openers aren’t just a convenience – they’re a safety feature, too. They let you open and close your garage door using an app in your smartphone, allowing you to check on the status of your garage door remotely. You can keep a constant check on your garage door, and ensure it’s closed when the kids are home alone.

Want the absolute best safety features for your garage door in the Barossa Valley? Just call your local legends at The Garage Door Guys. They’re experts in garage door safety, specialising in safety installations, maintenance and more. They also have a massive range of high-quality, Australian-made garage doors, helping you choose the perfect new door for your Barossa home. Get in touch with the friendly bunch at The Garage Door Guys today.

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