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Garage Door Safety Tips

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“We can dance! We can dance! Everybody look at your hands!”

While everybody remembers the lyrics to Men Without Hats’ smash hit of 1982, Safety Dance, it’s equally important to remember the subtle motif of the song: safety!

Garage door safety is especially important. Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and it’s also most likely the heaviest. And while we’ve come a long way in terms of garage door safety features, we still need to be alert when operating and owning a garage door.

Today, the aficionados at South Australia’s The Garage Door Guys tell us some top tips when doing the Safety Dance for garage doors.

Get your yearly service done

Garage doors are operated by a network of cables, rails, springs, wheels and machinery in your opener. They’re more complex than they look and, while it’s true that they only go up and down, their functionality can be put at risk if not looked after properly.

Getting your yearly service done is the best way to uphold the safety of your garage door. During your inspection and service, your garage door technician will check the condition of your springs, cables and rollers to see if anything needs replacing. You know what they say: prevention is better than the cure. And this is certainly the case with getting your garage door serviced.

If you notice a problem, call an expert

There are two simple rules to follow when you notice that something’s up with your garage door. 1) Don’t touch it or try to use it and 2) call up an expert immediately. Problems with your garage door can result in further damage if not handled properly. For example, if your torsion spring has snapped and you try to use your garage door, it will most likely come crashing down, causing a hazard to your safety and your property.

Test your safety features every now and then

Modern garage doors have a whole range of added safety features. And while they’re probably functional, it’d be a headache to discover that they’re actually not working. Laser sensors and auto-reverse technology are two things you can easily test at home. Wheel your garbage bin in the path of your garage door, and try to close it. If you have laser sensors, your door should refuse to budge, and if you have auto-reverse, it should roll straight back up as soon as it detects something.

The Garage Door Guys are passionate about making your home as safe as possible. That’s why they offer specialist technicians who are the best of the best in garage door service and maintenance. They’re also South Australia’s leading team for garage door sales and installations, boasting a stunning collection of high quality doors: from panel lift, to roller, to specialty doors, gates and more. Get in touch with The Garage Door Guys for scheduled services at amazing prices.

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