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Garage Door Security: High-Tech Solutions for Peace of Mind

Garage Door Security High Tech Solutions for Peace of Mind


Nowadays, we can do pretty much anything using technology. We want to find a great restaurant? Look on Google Reviews. We need the perfect size coffee cup that fits in our car’s drinkholder? Borrow a 3D printer. We want to quickly write wedding vows because we’ve been procrastinating? Just use an AI chatbot! (That was a joke – please don’t do that.)

Garage door security is another area of life that has been made so much easier thanks to technology. Here, the gurus at The Garage Door Guys explain high-tech solutions for extra peace of mind.

Smartphone access

Imagine being able to control everything to do with your garage door via smartphone. Checking on its opened/closed status while you’re at work, opening it for home deliveries while you’re overseas – these are now possible thanks to smart garage door openers.

These openers connect to your smartphone via an app, allowing you to take control of your garage door, wherever you are – whether you’re at the office or on holiday.

This high-tech solution gives users the ultimate peace of mind, since they can check that their garage door is closed when they please.


Removing the need for physical keys, keypads are one of the best solutions for tech-based garage door security. Physical keys can easily be stolen and copied, requiring homeowners to go through an expensive process of changing the locks. But keypads solve this problem – there are no keys involved and you can simply change the code every few months for extra security.


How cool is this: your garage door can sense when you’ve arrived and when you’ve left the home, opening and closing itself based on your proximity to the home. How, you ask? Geofencing. This technology monitors your location via an app, and automatically closes when you’re, say, 50 metres away from your home when you’ve left for work. This removes the need to click the buzzer, open and close the garage, or any of those menial last-century tasks!

Security cameras

Security cameras should be a stock-standard tech device for all homes. The garage door is the prime place to install security cameras, since it’s traditionally been a weak point for intruders. Many security camera manufacturers now have smartphone apps, allowing you to monitor activity outside your garage door at any time.

Motion sensor lights

And finally, motion sensor lights. Another device that’s been around for decades, we suggest all homes to install motion sensor lights outside the garage. This is often enough to deter potential intruders.

The Garage Door Guys are Adelaide’s kings of garage door security, helping you beef up your security using technology. We’re also Adelaide’s best retailer of garage doors, with expertly-designed doors and premium materials. Get in touch with us for better garage door security today.

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