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Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Intruders

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Garage doors are one of the first points of entry into your home, so it’s important that they’re as secure as possible. If your door is in tip-top shape, then we’ve got good news: your garage is probably already pretty secure. But you can never be too safe, which is why we’ve created a list of our garage door security tips to prevent intruders. Let’s take a closer look below.

Keep it closed during the day

Almost all of us keep our garage doors closed at night, but many of us leave them open during the day if somebody’s home. One way to prevent intruders is to get in the habit of keeping it closed as often as possible, even if somebody is home. Criminals are known to commit breaking and entering at all times, not just at night – so it’s important that you keep that door closed.

Install a timer

If you, or someone in your household, is particularly forgetful, then getting a garage door timer is a super handy investment. These timers close your garage door after a certain amount of time – which you can adjust according to your needs. Don’t worry, they won’t just close at the set time if your Lamborghini is in the way of it! Motion sensors tell the timer when it’s safe to shut the door automatically. 

Install some motion detector lights

Motion sensor lights are a popular way to improve garage door security, preventing intruders. They’re cheap, they’re easy to install and they’re effective at scaring off potential intruders. Talk to a garage door expert like the ones at The Garage Door Guys to find out more about motion detector lights above your garage door.

Motorise it

Motorising your garage door isn’t just a great way to save time and effort; it’s also a way to improve your garage door security. When your garage door has a motor, there’s no obvious handle or latch for intruders to try and open the door. This puts another step between a burglar and their attempts to enter your home.

Get it serviced

A garage door that doesn’t open, close or lock properly is a serious security risk. Servicing your garage door will mean that it will close and lock smoothly each and every time, preventing intruders from gaining access to your home. So, if security is important to you, call up the team at The Garage Door Guys!

The Garage Door Guys understand and implement the best security methods of preventing intruders in your home. They’re Adelaide’s specialists in everything garage doors, from servicing to security measures to the installation of brand-new doors.

Get in touch with the friendly team at The Garage Door Guys on 08 8391 0113 to make your home intruder-proof!

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