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Garage Door Trends in 2024: Colours, Materials, and Features

Garage Door Trends in 2024 Colours Materials and Features


Trends. They happen in every area of life. And we still don’t quite know why. From skinny jeans to fidget spinners, trends spread like a virus and then vanish like Houdini… sometimes, all within a matter of weeks.

But when it comes to architectural trends, they tend to stick around for longer. While garage door trends have shifted relatively slowly over the past 50 years, we now have an abundant range of options to add to and customise our garage doors.

Let’s take a look at the top garage door trends for 2024, including in-colours, popular materials and must-have features:

Popular garage door colours 2024

For the past decade, neutral garage door colours have had the lion’s share. Charcoals, beiges, sands and blacks have dominated the modern home market, known for their ability to go with pretty much any style of home and colour scheme.

But we’re seeing a gradual resurgence of bolder, more vibrant colours, too. Burgundies, dark greens and natural timber finishes can create a striking façade which stands out and captures the eye.

Need some help picking the perfect garage door colour? Just reach out to our team at The Garage Door Guys – we’re happy to give you some creative inspo when pairing your garage door colour with the rest of your home.

Top materials for garage doors 2024

When it comes to materials, trends are far less volatile. Materials like steel for roller doors and timber for sectional doors have been around for decades – and they’re just as popular now as when they entered the market. Newer materials, however, include wood composite and fibreglass – both of which have certain benefits in terms of warp- and rust-resistance.

At The Garage Door Guys, we love all materials of garage door and can work with you to identify your perfect material of garage door in 2024.

Best garage door features 2024

Garage door features have changed and improved rapidly, even just in the past 5 years. Now, we can enjoy features like:

  • Smart openers
    Openers which connect to your phone via an app, allowing you to control your garage door remotely and check on its status.
  • Keyless entry
    Keypads are another cool trending feature for 2024, eliminating the need for keys.
  • Safety features
    As always, safety features like auto-reversing and motion detection should be prioritised when looking for a new garage door.

Keep up to date with the trends at The Garage Door Guys – Adelaide’s #1 retailer for quality garage doors. We supply a huge range of high-performance garage doors, designed to thrive in Australian conditions. Featuring the best modern features and premium materials, check out our range and ask the team about getting a new door installed today.

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