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Garage Roller Door Repairs

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It’s hard not to love the good old Aussie roller door. They don’t take up much space, they’re easy to maintain and they’re extremely sturdy and reliable – seriously, if you thought your Nan’s Corolla was reliable, it’s got nothing on a steel roller door. But of course, there’ll probably come a time when you need your garage roller door repaired. In this case, you need a professional. Garage roller door repairs can be complex so it’s always best to leave it up to a specialist like The Garage Door Guys to do the heavy lifting.

Why do I need a repair?

Garage roller doors have loads of different parts, so you might need repairs for a few different reasons:

  • The tracks aren’t straight: the tracks of your garage roller door can become bent, causing the roller door to close awkwardly or not close fully. If you’ve recognised that the tracks look bent, you should abstain from closing or opening the door any further.
  • The rollers aren’t working: the rollers are the little wheels that go up and down the tracks to raise or lower your garage door. Over time, they can break, crack, become jammed or not function as well as they should.
  • The seal has weathered: the seal of your garage roller door is another thing that may need repairing or replacing. You’ll know that your seal needs attention when it’s letting in leaves, light or too much outside air.

There are a few other avenues we could go down, but these are the most common. If you’re unsure of the problem, don’t fret! This is why experts like The Garage Door Guys exist.

Why do I need a professional?

A professional is always required for garage roller door repairs. Attempting to do it yourself could lead to further, more serious problems. For example, you may at first have a problem with the tracks and when attempting to straighten them, they became even more bent. You’d have to spend money on a roller door repair anyway. So, it’s best to just call an expert straight away.

There’s also a massive safety risk in performing a garage roller door repair on your own. Roller doors are heavy and require the right equipment and handling techniques to get the job done safely. There’s no reason for you to risk your safety in trying to do it yourself.

We get it. There’s a lot to take in when contemplating all the possible reasons why you’d need garage roller door repairs. But when you call up the team at The Garage Door Guys, you can just set and forget. Just arrange a time and let the expert technicians at The Garage Door Guys explain the problem and repair your garage roller door.

As one of Adelaide’s most experienced garage roller door repairers, you can rest assured that your garage door is in good hands when you call The Garage Door Guys on 08 8391 0113.

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