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Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

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So, you’ve come here to be convinced that you need a new garage door opener. Well, don’t worry – we’re not going to sound like those pushy car salespeople who are literally sweating to sell you a car… yuck. Instead, we’ll let the facts speak for themselves. There are a whole bunch of good reasons to upgrade your garage door opener: for safety, security, convenience and your own personal satisfaction. Let’s discuss in more detail.


Your garage door may look impressive, but it doesn’t actually do the heavy lifting: that job is performed by your opener. Over time, your opener can become strained and start to lose its mojo. If you think this is happening, then it’s best to address the issue before it breaks down entirely.


A new garage door opener will basically never fail while opening you garage door. Old openers are more at risk of this happening. If your garage door opener failed while your car or, worse, you were directly beneath it, this could result in serious injury and damage. New openers give you total peace of mind.


You may be wondering what garage door openers have to do with security, but they actually have an important role. Older garage door openers have ‘fixed’ codes, meaning that the security code is the same each time you use your buzzer. But modern garage door openers feature ‘rolling’ codes which change each time you use it. This means that hackers can’t figure out your code and gain access to your garage!


With noisy kids, your neighbour’s aggro barking dog and that one pesky magpie that insists on warbling directly outside your bedroom window in the morning, sometimes you crave a bit of silence. New garage door openers are quiet as a mouse! If you have to get up early for work and don’t want to wake the other members of your home, then a new garage door opener is a great investment.

Emergency battery

South Australia isn’t exactly known for its reliable power supply. We’re not strangers to 12-, 18- and even 24-hour power outages. Some new garage door openers come with emergency batteries, keeping your door running during outages.

Smart phone access

One of the coolest features of garage door openers in the 21st Century is that they can be controlled by smart phone. It’s super handy if you need to let a friend or relative into the home while you’re at work, or you’re worried that you forgot to close the door on your way out. Many garage door openers now come with smart phone accessibility, allowing you to open and close the door from wherever you are.

The list goes on, but we’ll keep it short. If you need a new garage door opener, call up The Garage Door Guys on 08 8391 0113. They’ll help you select the right garage door opener, then they’ll go about installing it for you! The Garage Door Guys pride themselves on delivering outstanding service at affordable prices for their Adelaide locals.

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