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How are Garage Doors Installed

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There are a few ways in which garage doors are installed.

Option 1:

Try doing it yourself. Go to one of those DIY websites which you’re likely to visit once a year and, by the time you visit again, forget that they’re not very helpful. Follow the complicated 64-step process, get absolutely nowhere and result in throwing your hammer through a window. Oh, and hurt your back in the process.

Thoughts? If this doesn’t sound very appealing to you, Option 2 may suit you better. (Heads up, the real pros skip to Option 3.)

Option 2:

Go through one of the hardware giants. They’re perfect if you want a lower quality garage-door, with door stops made from plastic rather than steel, for the same price as a quality one. They won’t install it themselves, however, and will enlist another business to do it for them. Then, they’ll forget to liaise with said business, delaying the process for weeks and when you ring them up to spit chips, there won’t be anyone at the front end to take your call: they’ll be down Aisle 32 in the lighting section, hiding from customers.

This option is slightly better than the last, but it’s far from perfect. Aaaaand here’s Option 3.

Option 3:

Hire a team of garage door specialists, like The Garage Door Guys, to do the job once and do it well. They’re B&D accredited dealers who offer a 10-year warranty on your garage door, so there’s no reason to waste time throwing hammers through windows or making irate phone calls. 

Still not convinced?

Here’s a couple of genuine reasons why trying to do it yourself isn’t the best idea.

  • You’ll need lots of tools. Not just a Phillips head and some pliers either: this ain’t no IKEA mattress base. Most DIY websites give you a list of 10-15 tools that you’ll need which, if you don’t already have, will be expensive and time-consuming to go out and buy.
  • It’s likely to be dangerous. Garage doors are the heaviest moving part of your house. Without the right equipment, they pose a big risk in the way of transporting, lifting and installing.
  • They’re more complicated than you think. While we’re not saying that what The Garage Door Guys do is rocket science, it’s definitely a In many instances, you’re dealing with finicky parts like torsion rods, pulleys and springs. Once again, not a mattress base with a funny Swedish name like DOÅPOOP.

Hopefully, now that you’re an expert on how garage doors are installed, you know exactly how to do it. Pick up that phone, call The Garage Door Guys and sit back and relax.

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