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How do I Choose a New Custom Garage Door

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If you’re the type of person who struggles to choose which ice cream flavour they want, we totally get you. You probably love a number of ice cream flavours, and the more of them you enjoy, the harder it gets to choose!

Now, choosing a new custom garage door can be even harder and even more stressful. After all, a garage door lasts a lifetime – not just til the end of the ice cream cone. But today, we’re going to take the stress out of choosing a new custom garage door and instead focus on what you love.

Get some inspo

Choosing a new custom garage door starts with inspiration. This can be achieved in a bunch of different ways. You could drive down your street, having a nosy at some of your neighbours’ garage doors and see what appeals to you. You could search on Instagram and Pinterest for custom garage doors, and see what’s trending. You could also take a look at a garage door catalogue and find what tickles your fancy in there.

Think about style

What type of garage door are you looking for? The sturdiness and practicality of a roller door, the modern and convenient panel lift door, or a traditionally grand tilt door? Having a garage door custom made allows you to choose whichever style you like – it could even be something completely different and unique!

Think about colour

And now, we have the fun part! Which colour of garage door is going to look great with the rest of your home? It’s wise to consult your expert in garage doors during this decision, as they’ve helped hundreds of people, just like you, with deciding which colour is timelessly good-looking on a home like yours.

Consider pricing

Some custom jobs are going to cost more than others. Let’s say you want a hand-detailed gated garage door, made from the oak of a small forest in northern Iceland, which has been blessed by the Pope. This kind of door might set you back a little more than your standard roller door. Grab a couple of quotes for the custom door you’re planning to build and go from there.

Choose a fantastic garage door retailer

One of the most important parts of choosing a new custom garage door is deciding who’s going to make it for you! Make sure that they’re experts in custom tilt doors and have a number of previous works they can show off as testaments.

The Garage Door Guys, for example, are one of those teams who love working with you to create your dream garage door. They’ve worked on many, many other custom jobs to create marvellous garage doors for local Adelaide homes. With unparalleled craftsmanship and competitive prices, make sure The Garage Door Guys are at the top of your list when thinking about getting a custom garage door made. Get in touch on 08 8391 0113.

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