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How Do I Fix My Garage Door Opener?

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You probably started your morning like any other: waking up, having coffee, checking your phone. It was all going just fine… until your garage door wouldn’t open.

Yep, it’s frustrating. Your garage door opener hasn’t given you any troubles up until now, so why has it decided to draw the curtains on this particular day?

Easy there, tiger – let’s not get worked up about it! Instead, we’ll take a look at a few reasons why your garage door opener may not be working, and how to fix it.

The batteries in your remote have died

Always check the batteries in your remote before you go into panic-mode! A good way to test whether the batteries or the remote itself have died is to try operating the opener using the button on the unit itself. If it works, then you’ve got remote issues – but if it doesn’t, that’s when you know the problem is to do with the actual opener.

The motor has died

If your motor has died, your garage door opener may turn on, but it won’t budge an inch when you try to open or close it. In cases like this, it’s usually easier and more cost-effective to buy a new garage door opener than it is to repair it. The Garage Door Guys have a large range of high quality, affordable motors and openers to fit a broad selection of doors.

The door is misaligned

If your garage door opener is slow, clunky or shuddering, then it could actually be a problem with your door not being properly aligned. Another sign that your issue could lie in a misaligned door is when it looks wonky or lopsided when opened or closed. The Garage Door Guys will send a technician to inspect the issue, and fix it on the same day.

How to fix your garage door opener:

The easiest part of having opener problems is getting them fixed! There’s just one simple step you need to do, and that’s to call up the gurus at The Garage Door Guys. They’ll ask you about your garage door opener, what the problem seems to be, and send an expert technician to diagnose and solve the problem for you. Whether it’s a simple adjustment or an opener replacement, the team at The Garage Door Guys will get your door back up and running in no time.

The Garage Door Guys are one of South Australia’s finest teams for garage door sales, maintenance and repair. With a stunning range of high-quality, Australian-made garage doors, The Garage Door Guys deliver durability and style at great value. Whether you’re looking for a simple door, a custom-made gate or a brand new opener, their team has got you covered. Get in touch with the friendly bunch at The Garage Door Guys and get your opener fixed today.

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