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How Do I Secure My Garage Door From Break Ins?

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Home security can mean different things to different people. It can mean leaving a light on when you leave the house, buying one of those ‘evil eye’ thingos to ward off ‘bad spirits’, or taking karate lessons so that you can bring potential intruders to their knees in mercy. Although we don’t recommend relying on that last one… or any of them, for that matter.

Securing your garage door from break ins doesn’t have to involve warding off bad juju or becoming a master of martial arts. It’s actually a lot easier, and more effective, than either of these methods.

Let’s talk to the pros at The Garage Door Guys to get the lowdown on how to secure your garage door from break ins.

Motion-sensor floodlights

Motion-sensor floodlights are an effective way of adding an extra security layer to your garage door area. Many Australians choose install motion-sensor floodlights above their garage doors, so that when an intruder enters the vicinity, the lights appear on them and deter them from going any further.

Rolling code technology

If your garage door opener is getting on in years, then it may not have rolling code technology. An opener with a rolling code means that every time you open your garage door, a different code is transmitted to the remote, making it impossible for intruders to potentially hack the code. Most modern openers are fitted with rolling code technology, so if your opener is old, it may be worth an update.

Smartphone security

Investing in a new garage door opener can also give you the gift of smartphone access – a feature that is not only super cool, but an added measure of security too. You can use your smartphone app to monitor the status of your garage door, check that it’s closed or open it when that Amazon order finally comes, and close it once delivered safely.

Alarm system

If you’re willing to invest the extra money, then an alarm system is certainly a wise choice for preventing garage door break ins. As soon as your garage door is tampered with, your alarm will sound and, trust us, nobody will want to stick around after 125 decibels of pure terror kicks in!

Security cameras

Security cameras are another serious home investment which are highly effective at deterring garage door break ins. Not only do they protect your garage area, but your entire home, too.

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