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How Much Does Garage Door Replacement Cost?

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We all know that one dad (it might even be you) who insists that ‘it doesn’t need replacing’, no matter what it is we’re talking about or the condition that it’s in. ‘What’s wrong with this pair of jeans?’ he’ll ask defensively, as the hole in them, around the bum region, gets bigger by the day. The worst thing that can happen from wearing tatty old jeans is that your kids suffer some embarrassment at school pick-up. But with a garage door that needs replacing, the consequences can be far direr. Damage to your roof, car or injuring a family member are all possible results of not replacing your garage door.

So, let’s ask the question that you’re dying to find out: how much is a garage door replacement going to cost? Let’s have a look at some of the factors.


Clearly, the larger the door, or higher the number of doors, the more you can expect to pay for a garage door replacement. If you’ve only got a single door to replace, you’re looking at a very modest price. If you have a six-car garage for your Lambos, then the price will work out slightly higher… but you’ve got six Lambos – so who cares?


The price of a garage doors depends on which style you choose. Are you looking for a standard roller door? Or a custom-built masterpiece which is made out of Keith Richards’ recycled guitar bodies and used cigar butts? We’re not saying this would make a practical garage door, but it would be pretty freakin’ cool.

Insulated doors

Insulated doors cost more than non-insulated doors, but come with loads of benefits. Better climate control, energy efficiency and noise reduction are all perks of buying an insulated garage door. It does make your door a bit pricier, but when you live in Australia and are a victim to extreme temperatures, it’s definitely worth it.


Materials are another factor to consider. Tilt doors made from fine timber are, for many, the most visually appealing door and tend to be the priciest. Others love the practicality of a steel roller door and the cheaper price tag too. Materials commonly used in garage doors include steel, aluminium and timber. Steel tends to be the least expensive option, whereas the other two can be slightly pricier.

Extra features

Want your garage door to recognise your car as soon as you pull into the driveway? What about remote access so that you can open and close it with your smartphone? Need it to cook you a three-course meal when you get home from work? Apart from that last one, these are all possible extra features of your garage door replacement.

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