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How much does It Cost to have Garage Doors Installed

Garage doors are wonderful things, aren’t they? With the click of a button, you’ve opened the largest single entrance into your home. It’s the real-life equivalent of Aladdin saying ‘open sesame!’ to gain access to the secret cave.

We totally get why you’re interested in having one installed – but first, the million-dollar question: how much will it cost?

Put simply, if you go to the wrong garage door installers: a lot. You may end up paying premium prices for a not-so-premium product and a less-than-average job of installing it. But at The Garage Door Guys, you won’t have that problem.

The Garage Door Guys specialise in all types of garage doors and gates, across all types of budgets. Generally, garage doors range from most affordable to most expensive in this order:


  • Roller doors
  • Panelift/sectional doors
  • Tilt doors

Of course, that depends on size, material, colour and all that jazz. For example, a custom-coloured hot pink roller door may set you back a bit more than your standard beige panelift door… and would probably look a bit tacky anyway.


The size plays a big role in determining how much your garage door will cost to install. Single garage doors generally cost less than double ones… you get the picture.


Then, there’s the material your garage door is made from – steel, aluminium or timber. While a steel roller door may be more affordable than a timber sectional door, it may not suit the design of your home as much. And while a timber door may suit you home better, it may not be as durable as a steel one. In short, there are a few things, other than the price, to consider when choosing which garage door to install in your home.

*Note: you can also have custom doors built for you, if none of the traditional designs suit your taste. The Garage Door Guys are happy to work alongside you to create your dream garage door.


Now we come to installing your door. While you could attempt to DIY your garage door installation, there’s a few solid reasons to leave it to a specialist:

  • Every single aspect of the installation has to be 100% precise, or else your door won’t open and close smoothly, which could very likely damage your door.
  • Most doors are too heavy for you to be able to install it on your own. Even if you’re an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type-of-operator and pump serious iron at the gym.
  • It’s not worth the risk of injuring yourself, or installing incorrectly.

Hiring a professional for a few more bucks ensures that the job is done precisely, safely, quickly and headache-free.

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