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How Much Should a Garage Door Cost?

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Buying a new garage door is a liberating feeling. It’s functional, it’s practical and it brings out the best features in your new home. There’s a lot to love about garage doors! One thing you should know when buying anything really, is how much it costs. It’s important to know whether you’re getting a good deal on your garage door or whether you’re overpaying, so here are a few things that contribute to how much a garage door costs.

What style?

When it comes to the price of each style of garage doors, there are general rules to go by. Roller doors tend to be the least expensive, followed by sectional doors, followed by custom-built doors. There are definitely perks of having a custom-built door, which suits your needs and appeals to your taste the best – but that’s why they cost more than your standard roller or sectional door.

How big?

The size of your garage also contributes to the price of your garage door. Do you need a single door, a double door, or are you a medical consultant and have bazillion Porsches to store? The number of doors will influence the total cost, regardless of the style or material you choose.

Insulated or non-insulated?

Insulated doors cost more than non-insulated doors but come with loads of benefits. Better climate control, energy efficiency and noise reduction are all perks of buying an insulated garage door. It does make your door a bit pricier, but when you live in Australia and are a victim of extreme temperatures, it’s definitely worth it.

Which material?

Just like with anything, the material influences how much a product costs. This is no different than with garage doors. A double-brick house is always going to cost more to build than a demountable. Materials commonly used in garage doors include steel, aluminium and timber. Steel tends to be the least expensive option, whereas the other two can be slightly pricier.

Any extras?

Technology has brought us all kinds of extras when it comes to garage doors. From apps that allow you to open and close your garage door remotely, to all kinds of added safety features, extras are awesome but will also add to the cost of your garage door.

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