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How Often Should Garage Door Rollers be Replaced?

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A car with new tyres (and good suspension) drives smooth as butter. You can drive around all day, feeling like you’re on a cloud… unless Kyle Sandilands is on the radio. When you have a car with old tyres, you’re always worrying about whether something will go wrong, like a puncture. This doesn’t happen when you buy new tyres.

Now imagine your garage door is the car and its rollers are the tyres. It’s kind of the same thing – you don’t need to worry about things going wrong when you’ve got new rollers. When your rollers are too old, however, you’re risking a couple of different scenarios. Something we get asked a lot is, “How often should garage door rollers be replaced?” Let’s discuss that below.

How often?

How often you should replace your garage door rollers depends on how much you use your garage door. It’s not uncommon for a family to use their garage door 10,000 times per year! That’s a lot of rolling up and down, and a lot of work for your rollers. Depending on which kind of rollers you have, it could range anywhere from 6 years to 15 years for how often you should replace rollers. Call up a professional garage door team like The Garage Door Guys to get expert advice on the optimum time to change rollers for you.

Why do we need to replace garage door rollers?

They may be small, but garage door rollers do a lot. As we said, you can’t really go anywhere without good tyres on your car and the same principle applies to your rollers. The smoother your door runs along its tracks, the less force it takes for your motor to operate it. This allows the motor to do its job effectively and with ease.

A garage door with old, worn-out rollers will put a lot of strain on your motor. Imagine if your motor blew because it was so strained; it costs a lot more to replace the garage door motor than it does to change your rollers. So, in this sense, changing your rollers every so often is a preventative measure.

You’ll also find that old rollers are much louder than new ones. Fresh rollers run smoothly and therefore create much less noise. If the noise of your old rollers is really ticking you off, it’s probably time to change them.

Now you know that it’s important to change your garage door rollers when appropriate. To find out whether it’s time to replace them, give the team at The Garage Door Guys a call. They’re Adelaide’s top-notch garage door specialists, who can arrive at your place and immediately tell you whether your rollers should be replaced.

With outstanding service at affordable prices, there’s no one else to call but The Garage Door Guys. Contact us at 08 8391 0113.


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