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How Safety Beams Protect You and Your Loved Ones

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As a homeowner and parent, you understand better than anyone that there’s no price on safety. We’d do anything to keep our loved ones safe, because it’s in our nature as good parents and partners. There’s one thing that all homeowners should do to make their homes more safe: install safety beams on their garage doors.

Safety beams have prevented countless injuries over the years, since their creation in the 1980s. Today, they’re an essential part of the garage door and global safety network in your home. Let’s take a close look at safety beams and why every garage door should have them.

What are safety beams?

Safety beams, also known as safety eyes, are two little detectors that project a laser sensor across the width of the garage door, picking up on anything that obstructs its path. If the laser sensor recognises that there’s something in the way of your door, it prevents the door from closing. It sounds super futuristic and high-tech when you describe it as a ‘laser beam’, but this technology has been around for decades. In the USA, it has been mandatory for new garage doors to be fitted with safety beams since 1992.

Benefit of safety beams

The biggest benefit of safety beams is, of course, safety. Two particularly important roles of safety beams is that they protect:

  • Your children
    Children are most prone to an accident involving a closing garage door. Although your door might have an auto-reverse function when it experiences resistance of about 7-9kg, this could still result in harming a child, which is why it’s absolutely imperative to install safety beams on your garage door if you have young children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, etc.
  • Your property
    Aside from protecting children, safety beams also work to protect your property. If your car is in the way of your garage door and your remote button is accidentally pressed, your garage door will never close on it, preventing damage to your roof, boot or bonnet. This saves you hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars if you own a luxury car, in repair bills and spares you the headache of dealing with insurance companies. It also saves you the embarrassing story of having to tell people what happened!

Hire a professional to install your garage door safety beams

Installing garage door safety beams should be left to a professional. Garage door technicians have the right equipment and knowledge to take care of the job quickly and effectively. Safety beams have to line up exactly in order to create a point-to-point laser that spans across the garage door. Then, your garage door technician will test the safety beams to ensure they’re working.

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