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How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door Style for Your Home

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A garage door can be beautiful on its own. But sadly, that’s not enough of a reason to purchase it; it has to look beautiful on your home.

Matching a garage door with a home is where it can get tricky. Considering Adelaide has so many different styles of home, from Old Colonial to Victorian to Post-War and contemporary, The Garage Door Guys have become the city’s favourite retailers for matching garage doors with their perfect homes.

Here, we outline common styles of Adelaide home and explain their perfect garage door match.

Tudor revival homes

Tudor homes are common in Adelaide’s prestigious inner eastern and inner western suburbs. Built between 1928 and 1938, these homes are characterised by their steeply pitched gables which are often ornately decorated in a certain colour. These colours are commonly Brunswick green, navy, cream and burgundy among others.

When it comes to choosing the perfect garage door for Tudor homes, the style of garage door matters less than the colour. Most homeowners choose to match the colour of the garage door with the colour of the gable decoration, resulting in a classy, cohesive façade.


Bungalows can be found all over Adelaide, particularly in the suburbs of Colonel Light Gardens, Glenelg and Toorak Gardens. Bungalows, like Tudor homes, are ornately decorated and have a feature colour which homeowners generally colour-match with their garage doors. These include cream, sand and white.

Post-war homes

Post-war homes can be found in almost every Adelaide suburb. Commonly made from cream or red brick, post-war homes are characterised by their relative modesty and sturdiness. Most post-war homes look great with neutral-coloured roller or sectional doors, with favourite shades including beige, white and sand. Retro-style tilt doors with windows are also a perfect match.

Contemporary homes

Contemporary Adelaide homes generally feature neutral colours, hip roofs and garage doors which are part of the façade of the property. The popularity of neutral tones in modern construction extends to garage door, with most homeowners choosing colours like black, charcoal, beige and sand. The most popular garage door styles include sectional and roller doors, offering excellent value and reliability. Custom doors and gates are also common for upmarket contemporary homes.

Want to choose the dream garage door to go with your dream home? Get in touch with The Garage Door Guys. We’re Adelaide’s industry leaders in everything garage doors and gates. We have a stunning range of doors, whether you’re looking at roller doors, sectional doors or something completely custom-designed. We also specialise in maintenance and repair, offering full-scale garage door services. Get in touch with the team for the best garage doors in SA!

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