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How To Choose The Perfect Material For Your Garage Door – Wood, Steel Or Aluminium

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When renovating the house, some things are decided simply and naturally. The colour to paint the walls? White. The material for the kitchen bench. Granite (or a cheaper alternative). What colour Ferrari to buy? Obviously red. But choosing the perfect material for your garage door is a little trickier. You’ve got plenty of great options, from wood to steel to aluminium, and they all come with their own benefits.

Here, we’re going to tell you how to choose your garage door and the benefits of all three materials – wood, steel and aluminium – so that your red Ferrari has the perfect place to sleep when you’re not hooning down the Southern Expressway to and from your beach house in Victor Harbour!

Wood garage doors – the benefits

Wood, or timber is a popular choice for garage door materials. These elegant and tasteful doors add a sense of rustic, natural beauty about your home and are a sure way to add value to an already-stunning abode. Best suited to character homes, cottages and modern homes which need that extra little touch of uniqueness, timber garage doors make your home stand out.

Wood as a garage door material requires a little extra upkeep when compared to steel or aluminium. Cleaning, treating and refinishing needs to be done every once in a while to keep your door aesthetically and structurally sound.

Steel garage doors – the benefits

Steel has been a popular garage door material ever since garage doors were invented! From the gates of royal palaces, to the fences of factories and foundries, you’ll find steel garage doors everywhere. This comes as no surprise; steel has the benefits of supreme strength, durability and security, making it an ideal choice for a practical and affordable door. Roller doors and sectional doors are most often made from quality steel, like Colorbond. Steel garage doors can also come in a range of colours, widening your options for personalisation.

Aluminium – the benefits

Aluminium as a garage door material has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years. To start, aluminium is naturally rust-resistant, while steel requires additives in order for it to repel rust. On top of this, aluminium is strong yet super lightweight, creating less strain on your rollers and tracks and sucking up less power than heavier wood and steel doors. Due to its softness, it’s also easily customised, making it perfect to feature designs and details.

So, what are you leaning towards as your garage door material? Wood, aluminium or steel? Whatever your choice, make it count with the team at The Garage Door Guys. They’re Adelaide’s best team for quality garage door sales and installations, and have a cracking range of doors across all three of these materials. Give the team a call, or pop in to see them at their Adelaide Hills showroom.

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