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How to Choose the Right Garage Door for a Commercial Property

How to Choose the Right Garage Door for a Commercial Property


Choosing a garage door is tough enough for residential properties. But for commercial properties, you’ve got several other factors you’ve got to consider, making it even more difficult. From fire safety to security and even operational speed, commercial properties ask more out of their garage doors than residential properties do.

But that’s why The Garage Door Guys are here to help. We’re experts in garage doors for commercial properties, and here we outline everything you need to know before choosing the right door for your business:

Type of business

Different businesses have different needs from their garage door. First, consider the type of business you’re running when looking for the right garage door. Are you a retail store that needs a stylish, aesthetic garage door? Or a commercial warehouse that instead should focus on something entirely practical? This will give you a better idea about what you need out of your commercial garage door.

Security requirements

All garage doors for commercial property should have a good level of security but, for some, it’s more of a priority than others. If you’re running an upmarket jewellery store, for example, you’re probably going to want a reinforced garage door with advanced locking systems and security devices.

Ask the team at The Garage Door Guys about the recommended level of security for your next garage door. As expert retailers in commercial property garage doors, we’re happy to guide you on garage door security.

Fire-safety requirements

Some businesses will need fire-rated garage doors. Whether you’re operating a business that sells flammable equipment, or an industrial type of business, fire-rated garage doors are designed to withstand flames for a certain period of time, and create a tight seal in the event of a fire.

Best garage doors for commercial properties

Some of the best garage doors for commercial properties include:

  • Steel roller doors
    Steel roller doors are by far the most popular garage door for commercial properties. They’re strong, reliable, super durable and can be fitted with high-speed openers to maximise efficiency in between incoming and outgoing loads.
  • Sectional doors
    Sectional doors are another popular choice for commercial properties. Ideal for properties with limited headroom, sectional doors are installed flat below the ceiling to maximise space. Sectional doors can also feature added insulation to increase energy efficiency within your commercial property.

If you need a high-quality garage door for your business or commercial property, The Garage Door Guys are here for you. We’re Adelaide’s specialists in residential and commercial garage doors, helping retail stores, hospitality, warehouses and other businesses get the right door for their property. Check out our range and give us a call today!

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