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How to Maximise Your Garage Door’s Lifespan with These Maintenance Tips

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When you pay good money for something, you want it to last as long as possible. It’s why we put screen protectors on our phones to prevent scratches, and why grandparents had plastic sheets over their couches to protect them from stains. Thankfully, since then, we’ve invented stronger stain-removal products and we no longer have to sit on a squeaky, rubbery-feeling couch to binge our favourite Netflix show.

Maximising the lifespan of your garage door won’t require sitting on any plastic sheets, thankfully. In fact, garage door maintenance is as easy as making a phone call. Here, we ask the team at The Garage Door Guys their top maintenance tips for maximising your garage door’s lifespan.

Schedule an annual service

You get your car serviced at least once a year, right? That’s how you know your car is safe to drive, that the engine is working perfectly and that its lifespan is totally maximised. Well, it’s the same thing with garage doors. You should aim to service your garage door at least once per year.

An annual service will cover all the regular maintenance that your door needs to perform its duties safely.

  • Service and maintenance of major components
    Your garage door consists of a number of major components. These include your torsion spring, cables, rollers, drums and more. During your annual service, these components will be inspected for safety and function, and repaired or replaced if necessary. Maintain these major parts, and your door’s lifespan will be increased dramatically.
  • Service of your automatic opener
    Maintaining your automatic opener is just as important to your garage door’s lifespan as it is to maintain the garage door itself. An expert garage door technician can service your opener during an annual inspection, checking its operation and stability, which affects the functionality of your garage door. These elements work together closely, so by maintaining your opener, you’re increasing your garage door’s lifespan.
  • Lubrication and tightening
    Much of your garage door’s lifespan depends on how well-lubricated and how tight your components are. Just like a car engine needs oil to perform properly, your garage door requires lubrication to operate smoothly and safely. During an annual service, the rollers and tracks are oiled, and the cables and springs are tightened, increasing the lifespan of these elements and your garage door as a whole.

Don’t take the risk of neglecting your garage door. Not only would you be risking the investment of your garage door, but also the wellbeing of your household members. For quality garage door maintenance at the fairest prices, talk to the team at The Garage Door Guys. They’re Adelaide’s best team for garage door sales, service and installations, and have nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry. Give the team a call to set up an annual service, or pop in to see them at their Adelaide Hills showroom.

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