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Increase the Security of Your Garage Door with These Tips

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Your home is your fortress; it’s only natural to want to make it as secure as possible. And if your home is your fortress, then your garage door is the medieval gate, keeping out neighbouring rival clans and intruders. How can we make sure that our fortress is protected at all times and that our garage door is as secure as possible? Let’s take a look at a few ways to bolster the security of your garage door.

Motion detector lights

Motion detectors are one of the simplest ways to beef up the security of your garage door. When motion is detected, the light turns on. This is, in many cases, enough to deter possible intruders from trying to break into your garage. It’s a really cost-effective way of improving security too – motion detector lights are much cheaper than security cameras.

Security cameras

If you want to really scare people off, then security cameras are the way to go. Security cameras are like mosquito repellent for intruders; they see them and run for the hills. Cameras are also great if you leave one car in your driveway, but not in the garage – people are much less likely to try and break in.

Alarm system

Garage alarms are definitely one of the best security investments. As soon as your garage door senses that somebody is trying to break in, it starts going off! This would be enough to scare off anybody. We’re sure you could program it to start playing really loud death metal, which would be pretty funny… but make sure you install security cameras first, so you can watch the intruder’s face, over and over again!

Remote access

A simpler way of improving garage door security is to invest in a garage door opener which allows for remote smartphone access. Many openers these days can be accessed via an app which allows you to open and close your garage door from wherever you are! So, if you’re in Timbuktu and need to let your friend into the home to borrow your camping gear, then this is no problem. It also means you can check that your door is closed whenever you like, if you’re worried that you may have forgotten to close it.


An oldie but a goodie – garage door timers can bet installed so that they automatically close after a certain period of time. They’re easy enough to set up and don’t cost much either.

Added garage door security is well worth the investment. If you want to make your home more secure, chat with the team at The Garage Doors Guys on 08 8391 0113 and ask them about these solutions. They’re Adelaide’s experts in everything to do with garage doors, including new doors, installations, repairs and security features. The Garage Door Guys will help you bolster home security at competitive prices – grab a quote today!

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