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Is it Worth Buying an Insulated Garage Door?

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We all know that Australia’s climate is extreme. From humidity to bone-dry heat, from torrential rain to year-long droughts. Given this, we want to keep the temperature inside our house consistent, unlike the weather outside. Insulated garage doors are one thing that can help us do this better. But are they actually worth it? Do they do what they’re supposed to? We can safely say that yes; they do, and they’re definitely worth buying. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it’s worth investing in an insulated garage door.

Consistent temperature

The most important benefit of an insulated garage door is when it comes to keeping your house warm in winter or cool in summer. Regular doors are usually kind of thin and they allow the outside temperature into your home on a much larger scale. This often makes your garage door an entry point for outside temperatures to infiltrate your home. Insulated garage doors contain multiple layers of insulation to fight the temperatures of the outside world.

They’re energy-efficient

With consistent climate control comes energy efficiency. Insulated garage doors improve the energy efficiency of your home which save you money on your energy bill, making them well worth buying. Your heating/cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your house at a consistent temperature when you buy an insulated garage door. How sweet is that?!

They’re durable

Another aspect of insulated garage doors which makes them worth it is their durability. They’ve got added layers of insulation, timber, steel or aluminium which makes these doors a lot more durable than regular ones. Because of this, they’re also less prone to dents from footballs and soccer balls, and even bicycles if there are some particularly clumsy children in your home or neighbourhood.

They keep out noise

Insulated garage doors don’t just keep the heat or the cold out – they keep the noise out too! These doors are worth it for their noise reduction alone. You can keep out the noise of busy streets, loud trucks, yelling children and barking dogs all day and all night. This means you’ll be snoozing peacefully every time a noisy truck or bus goes past your house early in the morning.

Insulated garage doors are so worth buying in so many different ways. If you’ve been considering upgrading to an insulated garage door, it’s probably a great idea. The Garage Doors Guys are Adelaide’s experts in installing insulated garage doors. They have an extensive range at affordable prices and work alongside you to find the perfect garage door for your home.

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