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Maximising Space: Innovative Storage Solutions for Your Garage with the Right Door

Maximising Space Innovative Storage Solutions for Your Garage with the Right Door

The garage is supposed to be a multi-purpose room. For most of us, the garage houses our vehicles. For many, it’s also a workshop where we can make basic repairs and store our tools. And for some, it even doubles up as our laundry where we do our washing.

But there’s one problem: space.

Houses are getting smaller and smaller, with less land to boast, forcing us to be extra-savvy with using the space we’ve got – and much of this comes at the expense of our backyards and our garages.

But don’t stress: the team at The Garage Door Guys have got you covered with these innovative storage solutions for your garage, paired with the perfect style of garage door.

Overhead storage

Floorspace is becoming more and more limited in modern homes, meaning there’s only one way to go: up! Using height to our advantage with overhead storage is one of the best ways to save precious space in our garage.

For low-ceiling garages that lack headroom, the best garage door is generally a sectional door. Overhead storage can be ceiling-mounted at the back of the garage, behind the sectional door, making it the perfect area to store luggage, rectangular crates and other items you’re saving for a rainy day.

This can also be achieved more freely if you’ve got a roller door, as this means you’ve got even more overhead space to play with.

Wall-mounted storage

Next, we’ve got wall-mounted storage. OK, so it’s not the most innovative storage solution ever, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! If possible, wall-mounted storage should be placed along the side of the garage, running all the way from the back of the garage to the opening, and should have shelving that goes all the way up to the ceiling. This minimises the use of floorspace, and maximises your vertical space, allowing for plenty of storage as well as vehicle space. Wall-mounted storage generally suits sectional and tilt garage doors, as they have limited overhead space.

Wall-mounted bikes

Bikes. Those awkwardly-shapes, cumbersome little pests. We love our bikes, but boy can they present a storage dilemma. That’s why, if space allows, we can mount our bikes onto the wall which saves floorspace (and looks super cool!)

Laundry-garage combo

If your home is lacking a laundry, then stacking a washing and dryer on top of each other in the garage is a great way to save space. While less common in Australia, certain parts of North America often do this to save home space and maximise room within the garage. This set up suits all types of garage door layouts.

Need some more space-saving garage inspo? Talk to the legends at The Garage Door Guys. We’ve got one of the largest ranges of garage doors in Adelaide, and can suggest the best ways to save space in your garage based on its layout. With high-quality roller, sectional and custom doors, as well as gates, The Garage Door Guys have a reputation for excellence and customer service. Get in touch with us today for innovative space-saving solutions.

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