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My Garage Door has been Damaged What should I Do

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It’s as if you saw it happen in slow motion. You woke up on what was supposed to be a lovely day, you got ready for work, you opened the garage and as you waited for it to rise, you heard a loud bang (or maybe you heard nothing at all) and your door then refused to open.

Well, then. What should you do? Panic? Call your boss and tell them you’ll have to quit? Sell your home and move to a remote cabin in Alaska? No, no and no. There’s a very simple solution for a damaged garage door: call The Garage Door Guys and get one of their expert technicians to come and help you out.

Mechanical issues

If your door has experienced some mechanical issues, like a snapped cabled or a broken torsion spring, then the first thing you should do is refrain from using your door and leave it in whatever position it’s currently in. Moving the door in this situation is very dangerous; trying to close it could bring it crashing down, and trying to open it won’t work as it probably won’t stay open. Simply call a team member from The Garage Door Guys and they’ll promptly set to work fixing your door.

Structural issues (car accidents, etc)

If your garage door has sustained more serious damaged due to a car accident or heavy winds, then it’s important to call the team at The Garage Door Guys straight away. They’ll send a technician to inspect the damage and make the necessary repairs to ensure it’s safe to use while your new garage door arrives. You should never use a garage door that has been involved in a car accident, even if it looks OK afterwards. The accident might have bent the tracks, making it unsafe to use your garage door and putting extra strain on your opener.


Most of the time, your insurance will cover the repairs or replacement of your garage door. The Garage Door Guys’ service includes providing a quote for replacement and photos for your insurance company. That way, they cut out the middle man (you) and make this process as easy as possible for you.

Don’t pack up your bags and flee the country just because you’ve experienced some trouble with your garage door. Call Adelaide’s experts at The Garage Door Guys! Their product knowledge and customer service in the garage door industry is simply unmatched, making sure they find the right garage door for you. They offer a vast range of quality doors at affordable prices and specialise in installation and repairs too. Grab a quote or arrange an inspection from The Garage Door Guys today.

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