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The Garage Door Guys are the leading name in garage door repairs Adelaide has to offer. We boast a professional team of tradesmen who are highly experienced and skilled in repairing and servicing garage doors of all makes, models, shapes and sizes. While many people overlook the need for their garage doors to be serviced, we can’t express to you how important it is. With your garage door being the single largest moving part of your home, it’s extremely important to keep up to date with servicing. Making sure your garage door receives regular servicing will ensure it remains at its optimum performance level and is safe to use.

Additionally, by keeping your garage door maintained you will increase its lifespan and and also maintains any warranty you may have. However, neglecting service will result in a greatly reduced life for your garage door. We can assess your door and provide repairs based on the damage found. While we’re able to fix most damage, if we do come across a door that is beyond repair, our professional team can assist you in making an insurance claim.


Do you need to make an insurance claim for your door?

The Garage Door Guys can work with all major insurance companies in Adelaide in regards to damage claims. We can deal directly with your insurance company to ensure that the outcome is as quick and hassle-free as it can be. Whether the damage was impact, storm or other circumstances, we can help.

All you need to do is report the damage and start the claim process, and we can take it from there. All we need is your insurance company name, claim number and the person you are dealing with and the problem is taken care of.

The Garage Door Guys can respond quickly to help you with the following:

  • Garage door repairs
  • Secure a damaged door
  • Ensure home security
  • Provide a quote for new garage doors
  • Give you access to get your car out

If you prefer to deal with the insurance company yourself, we will provide you with a prompt quote and photos of the damage to help you in your claim process.

Damaged door

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