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Roller Door Battery Backup


Batteries are playing more and more of a role in powering our belongings. Imagine if you told people 40 years ago that cars would one day run on batteries, or that one day you might be able to store energy from the sun in a battery and power your home… they would have thought you were nuts!

But, fortunately, that’s now our reality. So, it’s far from crazy that we can now install a battery backup for our roller doors so that they run smooth as butter, even when the power is down.

Here, the legends at The Garage Door Guys talk about how roller door battery backups work and why they’re a top investment (particularly if you live in South Australia).

What are roller door battery backups?

Battery backups for garage doors are a game-changing device that can be easily installed to open and close your heavy garage door in the event of a power outage. Depending on the type of battery, they can enable an opener to operate the garage door for up to 50 cycles – handy when the entire South Australian power grid goes down like it did back in 2016!

What benefits do they bring?

Roller door battery backups have a tonne of benefits, and there are numerous reasons to invest in them. Let’s take a look at why they can be such a worthwhile investment:

  • Avoiding injury by manually lifting
    The last thing you want in a blackout is a back injury from trying to lift up your stupidly heavy garage door. You’d be left in the dark, wincing in pain, with no way to get to the physio! Battery backups are great if you have a heavy double garage door and don’t want to risk lifting it up yourself.
  • Perfect for people with disability
    People living with disability are affected by power blackouts more than most, since many task-assisting machines (like electric stair lifts, wheelchairs, etc) are powered by electricity. Thus, many people living with disability are unable to open or close their garage door during a blackout. Battery backups change this completely, making the impossible, possible!
  • South Australia doesn’t exactly have a great track record
    And, to cap it all off, SA doesn’t have a perfect record when it comes to power supply. In 2016, nearly the entire state lost power: some for a period of almost 72 hours. Since then, structural improvements have been made to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, but who can tell? A battery backup for your garage door is the best way to triumph in a situation like that one.

The Garage Door Guys are South Australia’s leading team for garage door sales and installations, boasting a stunning collection of high quality doors, They can help you out when buying a great quality battery backup so that you’re never left high and dry in a blackout. Get in touch with The Garage Door Guys to learn more today.

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