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The garage door guys are specialists in Roller Doors and Shutters in Adelaide & Adelaide Hills

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We offer the full range of B&D rolling doors;

  • B&D Roll-A-Door Series1 Squareline Deluxe
  • B&D Roll-A-Door Series 2 Traditional Wideline
  • B&D Roll-A-Door Series 3 Squareline Wideline
  • RollMasta
  • Firmadoor Roll-Up Door
  • Firmadoor Roll-Up Door Maxi

Our functional garage doors, made from Colorbond steel. They are a low cost option with the advantage of rolling up behind the garage opening, without sacrificing space in the garage. Roller doors come in an extensive colour range and are suitable for openings to 3000 high and 5400 wide.

The Garage Door Guys supply the garage roller doors in Adelaide that suit different client’s purposes.

Doors can usually be fitted to non-standard openings, please contact us for further information.

The Squareline Wideline Roll-A-Door will perform reliably over many years. The Squareline Wideline Roll-A-Door has a curtain shape the same as the Squareline Deluxe garage door, making this range perfect for homes that need both a single and double garage door.

Our Roller Door Features and Benefits

Smooth And Quiet

B&D Roll-A-Door garage doors will provide you with quiet, smooth, greaseless operation. Features include:

  • Nylofelt® running strips to provide greaseless operation.
  • Roll-A-Guides and mini groove top sheet on the Squareline Deluxe to help reduce chances of paint scuffing during door operation.
  • Rubber coated guide stops to prevent metal on metal contact.
  • Guide block and roller for smooth, quiet operation.

SAFE Safety should be a key consideration when selecting your garage door, as door failures can cause serious injury.

The following safety features have been built into your B&D Roll-A-Door:

  • Steel door stops, not plastic like some brands.
  • Locking bar end covers to prevent injury to fingers
B D Roll A Door in COLORBOND Surfmist

Easy Operation

Your B&D Roll-A-Door will continue to be easy to open and close, with features such as:

  • Pressed steel castellated drum wheels, not plastic like some brands.
  • Combination of precision springing and pressed steel drum, not plastic like competitors, ensuring consistent balance, and allowing you to stop the door where you want it, and it will stay there.
  • Nylofelt® running strips for effortless rolling action.
  • Lifting handle conveniently located to assist you with opening and closing.
  • Internal lock snib for easier use of the internal lock.

Weather Protection

The garage today is used to store many different valuable objects, and in some cases is converted into another room, so weather protection is an important feature of any garage door.

B&D Roll-A-Door features:

  • COLORBOND® steel, to stand up to the harsh Australian climate® steel, to stand up to the harsh Australian climate.
  • The weatherstrip with deep cushioning helps restrict entry of water and leaves.

On slightly uneven floors it reduces the gap for better fit.


Your B&D Roll-A-Door will continue to operate like new, with features such as:

  • Springs designed to exceed the Australian Standard for garage doors – 20,000 cycles.
  • Squareline Deluxe and Squareline Wideline pressed square-line panels reduce the deflection in the door curtain and the visible effect of seaming joints.

If you have any questions or comments or would like a free measure and quote please contact us on (08) 8391 0113

roll a door maintenance
Double Roll A

Weather Protection

The Garage Door Guys is the specialist in roller door repair in Adelaide. While many people overlook the need to keep up with servicing and repairs, it is an extremely important thing to do. Just like your car, your door needs regular servicing to make sure it performs at an optimum level and is safe.

Ensuring you garage door is maintained can result in a longer life span, while a door that is poorly maintained will have a reduced life span. It is even more critical if you have an automatic opener on your door.

We can also repair damaged doors depending on the damage. In the case where the door is beyond repair we can help you with your insurance claim from start to finish.

To arrange a service or repair of your domestic or commercial roller door in Adelaide or The Adelaide Hills, please contact The Garage Door Guys on (08) 83910113

For a free measure and quote or any technical advice about a Roller door from Adelaide, you can call our office

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