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Should I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

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It’s only natural to want to salvage our belongings as much as we can. It tends to be cheaper that way, and there’s no point spending more money on replacing something if a repair job will suffice. Think about it like getting dental work done: you wouldn’t pull out a whole tooth if the problem would be solved by a small filling, right? It’s a similar situation when we talk about garage doors. There’s a time and place for repairs and there also comes a time when a replacement door is needed. Today, we’ll tell you whether you should repair or replace your garage door.

How bad is the damage?

We don’t expect you to fully know the answer to this question, as you’re not the qualified garage door technician here. Sometimes really bad damage is obvious and other times, it’s not. But if someone has driven straight through your garage door and left a massive hole in it, it’s fair to say that your garage door is absolutely cactus and there’ll be no bringing it back from the dead. In this case, you’ll need a replacement.

If it’s something like the tracks, on the other hand, you probably won’t need an entire garage door replacement. Your technician will arrive, point out the problem with the tracks and either repair them or replace them, costing you a lot less than replacing a garage door.

How old is the door?

If you’ve repaired your door a number of times over the past few years and it’s really getting on in age, you may just want to bite the bullet and invest in a new garage door. This means you’ll spend less money repairing it in the years to come and it may work out cheaper to just buy a new one than keep on repairing an old one over and over again.

How much will the repair cost?

In some cases, where the door is repairable but will cost a fair bit to repair, it begs the question: is it worth repairing, or should I just buy a new one? Your garage door technician will give you a quote for the repair which you should compare against the cost of replacing it. Also, think about sentimental value. Maybe you just love your old garage door to death, have gone through so much together and you’re simply unable to part ways with it. Or maybe not.

The question of whether you should repair or replace your garage door depends on a few different factors. Think long and hard about them and then call up The Garage Door Guys to make your next move. They’re Adelaide’s expert repairers and retailers of garage doors. They’ll tell you straight up and honestly whether it’s better to repair or replace your door and will provide an affordable service for whichever path you decide to take.

Call up The Garage Door Guys for an inspection and quote today at 08 8391 0113.

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