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Stay Ahead of the Trends: The Latest Styles in Garage Door Design for 2023

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Keeping up with the Joneses is not always advisable. If your neighbours are painting their roof lime green, for example, they may not be the type of neighbours you should try to ‘keep up’ with.

But staying ahead of the trends and investing in a quality, stylish garage door is something definitely worth your while. Improved aesthetics, added home value and secretly jealous neighbours are just some of the perks you gain from picking the right garage door design.

Here, the team from The Garage Door Guys help you stay ahead of the trend and tell you the latest styles in garage door design for 2023.

Aluminium doors are on the rise

For almost a century, steel has been the most popular material for garage doors. And there’s no wonder why: it’s strong, sturdy and affordable, making for the perfect budget garage door.

But in 2023, it may be time for steel to move over, because there’s a new metal in town – aluminium. The perks of aluminium as a garage door material are plentiful. It’s strong yet incredibly lightweight, it’s naturally rust-resistant and it’s also more malleable and, therefore, easily customised.

If you’re thinking of going for a special, custom-designed garage door in 2023, then aluminium may be your best bet as a material.

Sectional doors are still hot

Sectional doors have been one of Australia’s most popular garage door styles over the past 10 years, and we’re not inspecting that to change in 2023. Elegant and tasteful, sectional doors are also really convenient for garages with low headroom. Investing in a sectional door is one way to stay on top of the trends this year.

Customisation is in

During and after COVID, we turned to home renovations as the main place to put our discretionary spending, rather than travel. And this was a clever move, as we get that money back in added home value. So, more expensive door designs, like tilt doors and wood-frame doors, are well and truly on trend for 2023. Bold and vibrant colours are also expected to be on the rise, rather than the trademark colours of the 2010s like beige, charcoal and navy.

Smart tech is a must

And finally, smart technology for your garage door is a must. Access your garage door opener via your smart phone, check on its status wherever you are in the world, and make home deliveries safer and easier.

Looking for the most stylish garage doors to stay ahead of the trend and make a wise investment? Whatever your choice, make it count with the team at The Garage Door Guys. They’re Adelaide’s best team for quality garage door sales and installations, and have a stunning range of garage doors: from roller and sectional, to tilt, to custom-built doors and more. Give the team a call, or pop in to see them at their Adelaide Hills showroom.

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