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Stay Safe with These Easy Garage Door Safety Tips

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The garage door is the largest moving object in your home. They usually weigh over 150kg, and are used multiple times a day. While you might just look at your garage door and think it’s a set-and-forget type of device, this isn’t true if you want to keep your household as safe as can be.

But the good news is, increasing your garage door safety is easy peasy! Just follow these easy garage door safety tips, brought to you by The Garage Door Guys, and your garage door worries will fade away.

Get your door inspected and serviced regularly

The biggest tip we can give you when it comes to garage door safety is to simply keep monitoring your garage door. You can visually check your garage door components yourself, and if you suspect there’s something a bit fishy going on, call a professional right away.

Otherwise, it’s best to stick to an annual garage door service plan. Here, a professional technician goes over each component of your door, makes adjustments and, if needed, repairs. The risks of not getting your garage door checked out certainly don’t outweigh the cost of an annual service!

Get the opener checked while you’re at it

Your opener is another crucial part of the garage door, and asking your technician to take a look at the opener while they’re inspecting your door is an excellent way to keep your garage door safe and functional. Garage door openers have a huge responsibility, and if they’re not 100% functional, they can pose safety threats to your home. An opener that fails halfway through opening your door, for example, could result in having to pull the emergency cord, and lower the door manually.

Install an opener if you haven’t already

Automatic openers aren’t just an awesome convenience which take all the hard work out of opening and closing your garage door – they’re actually a safety feature, too. Lifting a garage door in the incorrect way can lead to back injuries, so an automatic opener removes that risk. And on top of that, an opener makes your garage door more secure, as it’s incredibly difficult to break into a garage door that has an automatic opener.

Don’t take the risk of neglecting your garage door and automatic opener. Nothing is more important than the safety of your household and the wellbeing of your household members. For quality garage door maintenance at the fairest prices, talk to the team at The Garage Door Guys. They’re Adelaide’s best team for garage door sales, service and installations, and have nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry. Give the team a call to set up an annual service, or pop in to see them at their Adelaide Hills showroom.

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