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The 5 Ways A New Garage Door Adds Value To You Home

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Home value can be increased in many different ways. You can renovate the kitchen, add an extension, or create one of those super-secret chambers where you pull a book off the bookshelf and it magically opens up to a hidden room. Those things are so cool.

But, unless you’ve got loads of time and money to burn, which few of us do, we’re guessing that you’re looking to add home value in more convenient, affordable ways. Here’s how investing in a new garage door is the perfect way to do this.

1) Security

Security is a huge drawcard for any homebuyer. And what’s one of the main perks of new garage doors? They’re far more secure than old ones. New garage doors are harder to break into, thanks to their use of scrambled-code openers. These openers use a different code every time you open your door, so it’s near impossible for intruders to hack the code. This extra security adds a heap of value to your home.

2) Looks

Even more significant is the aspect of style. A new garage door gives your home a complete facelift, making it look more stylish and modern. A garage door can say a lot about your home: it can make your home look crusty and ancient if it’s still got the same door as it did in the 70s, or it can breathe new life into your home by being updated and bringing a modern edge. People are willing to pay extra for a home that looks good – it’s simple maths!

3) Convenience

People are also willing to pay extra for convenience. Garage doors that use modern tech like apps, which can be used to remotely open and close the door, are a huge value-booster to your home.

4) Energy efficiency

A new garage door can increase energy efficiency in your home, boosting its total value. If you want to really maximise your energy efficiency and cut costs on bills, think about investing in an insulated garage door. Made from thick, insular materials, these garage doors help keep the temperature consistent in your home, creating less work for your climate control system.

5) Curb appeal

All of these factors, together, increase the curb appeal of your home, which directly translates into added home value. It means you’ll get the best price for your home if you’re looking to sell in the near or distant future.

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