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The Advantages of Automated Driveway Gates: Convenience, Safety, and Security

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Back in the medieval days, they took castle defence pretty seriously. They relied on sword-wielding knights, thick fortress walls and moats in order to defend castles – and pretty big operation, right?

These days, our homes don’t have sword-wielding knights or moats (although that would be pretty cool). In fact, there’s only really one feature of medieval castles which we still use for home security today: gates.

And the best thing about gates in the modern era? They can be fitted with automatic openers!

Automatic driveway gates are fit for a king. They offer some pretty tasty advantages for all kinds of homes which we’ll find out from the team at The Garage Door Guys:


One of the primary advantages of automated driveway gates is that they’re super convenient. When you add up all the time you’d spend getting out of your car, opening the gate, getting back into your car, parking it and closing the gate, you’re losing around a minute each time you drive your car. The average number of car trips per person per day in Australia is just over two.

So, let’s say 2 minutes per day is wasted on manually opening your gate. That’s 14 minutes a week and 728 minutes (over 12 hours) per year! The average Australian gets back one whole day of their life each year, simply by having an automated driveway gate!


Automated driveway gates are incredibly safe. Modern automatic openers come with sensors which detect if anything is blocking the path of your driveway gate, preventing it from closing if there’s an obstruction.

This prevents vehicle damage and, even more importantly, harm to young children should they accidentally be in the way of your driveway gate. 


Security is a huge advantage of automated driveway gates. Let’s say you forget to close your gate after you’ve parked your car. Some driveway gate openers come with timers which automatically close your gate after a set period of time, provided there’s nothing obstructing its path. This prevents opportunistic intruders from seeing that your gate is open and stealing your property.

Added home value

But wait, there’s more! Added home value comes with the investment of an automated driveway gate. Many people are attracted to the safety and convenience of having an automated driveway gate, meaning you’re likely to get a premium price for your home if you’re considering putting it on the market later down the track.

Forget about trying to get council approval for that moat around your home – just go with an automated driveway gate instead! The Garage Door Guys are Adelaide’s home of automated driveway gates, gate repairs, maintenance and more. Browse their collection of quality driveway gates and make the investment today.

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